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Weekly News | Bitcoin again in focus in China, interest in Bitcoin futures exceeded 5 billion USD, Binance, Tether, LTC, XRP, Coinbase

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Weekly News | Bitcoin again in focus in China, interest in Bitcoin futures exceeded 5 billion USD, Binance, Tether, LTC, XRP, Coinbase

We have prepared a brief overview of the most important news of last week.


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Poloniex deleted 12 minutes of trading due to bug


Poloniex’s crypto exchange confirmed in a series of tweets that it erased 12 minutes of business history in response to a software problem that caused many trades to be “erroneous”.

The Poloniex Crypto Exchange resolved the situation as follows: clearing all trades between 17:53 UTC and 18:05 UTC after its automatic audits detected a problem. The company also canceled all pending withdrawals and each affected customer was notified by email.


Payne: Millennials loves Bitcoin, Wall Street will be too


Bitcoin (BTC) grew by more than 50% this year, so the mainstream media is also changing its view. Charles Payne recently said that even big Wall Street investors, not just technologically savvy millenials, will end up loving cryptocurrencies.

“Millenials love cryptocurrency, and I suspect one day Wall Street will too,”

. According to the survey, millenials are three times more likely to buy BTC than the X generation.


Coinbase Pro releases the leverage trading feature


The US Coinbase Pro Crypto Exchange has begun to encourage leveraging. Its select customers can now use a 3X trading margin.


Bitcoin beats Dow Jones in 40,000 races, says Tom Lee


Well-known strategist, Tom Lee of Fundstrat Advisors, announced another interesting price prediction for Bitcoin during the CNBC session. He compared the Dow Jones index, which is the best known indicator of the US stock market with Bitcoin.

Dow Jones is currently at over 29,200, which is very close to its all-time high. However, Lee thinks that Bitcoin will surpass the 40,000 attack.

Tom Lee recently made himself known by claiming that Bitcoin could attack $ 27,000 in the summer of 2020. Bitcoin successfully outperformed the 200-day moving average (200m) and when it happened in the past, it showed an average price increase of almost 200%.


Trump’s Fed Nominee for head of the Fed wants a digital dollar


Judy Shelton, nominated by President Trump as head of the Fed, told lawmakers that digitizing the US dollar could help maintain currency dominance in global trade. Shelton confirmed at a hearing on Thursday that the US needed state-of-the-art innovation to stay ahead of other countries.


Binance adds 15 fiat currencies, wants to expand

Binance Crypto exchange announced on Friday that users can now buy cryptocurrencies and choose from a longer list of supported fiat currencies through integration with Israeli fiat payment processor Simplex. The new integration provides gateways for currencies including the Swiss Franc, the Korean Won and the Australian Dollar, as well as the Polish Zloty and South African Rand.

Currencies that have already been made available through Binance’s fiat-to-crypto system, such as GBP and Russian Ruble, are now also supported through Simplex. Developers have confirmed that integration is fully operational from Thursday afternoon. Supported fiat currencies will be paired with the underlying cryptocurrencies offered on Binance – the assets that the exchange uses for its default trading pairs. These currently include Bitcoin, Ether, XRP and some selected fiat currencies, including the US dollar and Nigerian naira.

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