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Weekly News | Huobi, BAKKT, China, Tom LEE, Bitcoin Gold, Miscrosoft, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Coinbase

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Weekly News | Huobi, BAKKT, China, Tom LEE, Bitcoin Gold, Miscrosoft, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Coinbase


We have prepared a brief overview of the most important news for this week.

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News of the week:

Deutsche Bank now claims that cryptocurrencies will be in the mainstream within two years

The Deutsche Bank report, published on Monday, says that digital currencies, although only ten years old, already have “the potential to radically change payments, banking, central banking and the balance of economic power”. “We believe that the new digital currency could become mainstream in the next two years,” according to the report, China’s digital currency and the Libra Facebook project are expected to launch. The report states that these two projects could make digital currencies available to more than 1.5 billion Chinese citizens and 2.5 billion Facebook users – altogether more than half the world’s population. According to the current rate of adoption of cryptocurrencies, the adoption of this technology has been running in parallel with the adoption of the Internet in the early years. If it continued at the same rate, there could be more than 200 million wallets by 2030, out of 50 million in 2020.


McAfee turned completely, claiming Bitcoin is a true shitcoin

John McAfee, who had previously boldly predicted that Bitcoin will reach $ 1 million by the end of this year, has recently turned and is now continuing his negative attitude towards the largest cryptocurrency. The founder of one of the most popular antivirus programs said that Bitcoin is a real shitcoin and the future of cryptocurrencies is in altcoins. Following a recent comparison of the largest cryptocurrency to the popular Ford Model T due to “ancient technology”, McAfee brought him back to the BTC. Today he went even further and declared that Bitcoin is a true shitcoin.


Coinbase and Ripple challenge regulators to action!

Coinbase and Ripple addressed a joint letter to US regulators to highlight the need for clear regulatory frameworks. Coinbase and Ripple have long pointed out the lack of regulations to adjust their financial policies.


Interest in Bitcoin on social networks is again in trend

Bitcoin’s current bull run in 2020 has also translated into people’s increasing interest in talking about this. According to the cryptanalytic firm LunarCRUSH, Bitcoin set a new record for this year with nearly 320 million unique references on 27 January (Bitcoin posts on social networks in one day).


Bitcoin Cash did not take the new block 5 hours and 20 minutes

Bitcoin Cash had a problem, no new block was used for more than 5 hours, the pending transactions were cleared without any problems, and normal traffic could continue without complications.

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