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Which is the Best Watch on the Planet? We Sure Think Its the Planet Ocean Watch!

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So, have you heard that Agent 007 otherwise known as James Bond wore Omega’s Planet Ocean watch? Interesting, right? We all know that James Bond was one of the most stylish secret agents of the movies ever made.

Let’s get to know the Planet Ocean Watch first. The watch is specifically designed for the gentlemen who probably have the guts in diving. With its diameter of 42 mm and a case made of stainless steel, and an exceptional 600 meters or approximately 2000 feet water resistance feature, a diver can definitely go for this watch. The stated features are not really features but rather just the basic make of the watch. Its real features come with the date shown either in the 3 o’clock or 6 o’clock position, a screw-n crown which is a self-locking crown and is very beneficial to the divers. Third feature is the helium escape valve which works when the person is in pressure chambers such as crude oil exploration or underwater activities. Next is the certification of passing the precision exams for a watch label otherwise known as Chronometer. Lastly the unidirectional rotating bezel feature which turns only in one direction to avoid the accidental wrong rotation for adjustment. This makes it easier for the divers to estimate their dive times and avoiding the miscalculation of it. The Planet Ocean has automatic movement and a good power reserve of 48 hours.

There are actually quite a number of versions of Omega’s Planet Watch depending on the make of the band and also its color. To be exact, there are 12 versions but when one talked about the make and model, all of them have the same features and technical data. As earlier stated, the only difference is the make of the band and its color.

Omega is known for the best creations of watches when it comes to luminescence of the watch. It is important especially at night or even underwater to actually tell the time when there’s no available light. Another advantage of the Omega Planet Ocean Watch is its bracelets. Since this version’s bracelets have smoother finish and stronger made links. The current retail price of a Planet Ocean watch is approximately $3500 dollars.

Need we say more about the versatility of Omega’s Planet Ocean Watch? In this article, it was stated that with the same technical data and features, the company was able to modify an amazing twelve different versions of the watch. The only thing the buyer has to do is to choose which one suit him best.

We all know that the general acceptable accessory of a man is a watch. So, it is his right to give all his judgment to a better made watch. For fastidious gentlemen who are very keen to the details of a particular object, it is important to give him the precision he needs (and wants) for a watch. There’s a particular reason why a special agent like James Bond chose to wear this timepiece: simply because details make up his lifestyle.

Rogerio Phillo

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