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Why don’t bad guys use iPhones in movies? Apple doesn’t want it

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Why don't bad guys use iPhones in movies? Apple doesn't want it

Apple is very involved in moviemaking and it is no wonder that so many movies are full of devices from Apple – whether it is iMacs, MacBooks or even iPhones and other hardware. However, paid promotion has special limitations.


In an interview with Vanity Fair, director Rian Johnson revealed that Apple is quite strict about how his device can be used in movies. For example, iPhone must not have any actor playing a negative person in the movie.


Since it is paid advertising, it is no wonder that Apple is dictating other requirements, such as the fact that its devices must not be displayed in negative light, ridiculed, and so on. If the filmmaker takes such a step, he has a free hand, but he can no longer count on Apple’s financial and material support.


Wired even reported an extreme case in the “24” series, where the bad guys always used computers, while the positive heroes always had Macs.

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