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Will XRP manage to reach $ 6? If these conditions are met, yes.

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XRP project
XRP project. Source: Shutterstock, Vector-3D

Will XRP achieved in the near future 6 USD? If certain conditions are met, this is possible.

Will XRP achieve its goal?

If you are following this project, which is currently in the market capitalization rankings on solid 6th place, so in the last period his results were like on a roller coaster. In any case, at the time of writing, the XRP cryptocurrency was traded for approximately $ 1.3. If the market does not stop and we go up, we are close to reaching the important level of USD 2.44. However, the ultimate goal is value $ 6.39.

Speculation or reality?

The XRP project has been and still is heavily influenced by the case Ripple vs. SEC. The latest events in this duel are definitely interesting. The SEC refused to accept a request from Ripple to produce internal documents indicating the possession of XRP tokens by its employees. Both 90% of the projects and Ripple were influenced by BTC and the overall market mood in the current bullrun.StormGain

Thus, XRP will be able to reach the limit $ 6.39? An analyst commented on the topic Dark Defender, which sees the most important factor in staying above resistance on daily charts. Another important factor is that the project can stay above $ 1.26 on a weekly basis.

XRP road upwards

XRP analysis. Source: Dark Defender Twitter

Is the market waiting for another price jump?

We have already been told several times that big price movements are in the hands of whales. So, if large volumes of transfers come, we can expect strong movements. In the case of XRP, these facts are confirmed. This is shown by data from the popular portal Whale Alert, where a wallet was revealed from which more than 205 million XRP to Ripple.

In the case of large exchanges, we record the movement of 21 million XRPs between the Bittrex and Upbit exchanges. The pair of Binance and Huobi again recorded a movement of 71 million XRP.

So it’s important to watch this project, which certainly has a great prospect of reaching $ 6.39.

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