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WiseKey blockchain securing 2.5M Swiss watches

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Currently protecting 2.5 million Swiss watched, WISeKey blockchain is the first cybersecurity company to offer blockchain features in watches. These luxury swiss watches now come with advanced blockchain technology embedded with dual-factor authentication making them the safest in the world.

Collaborating with Favre-Leuba and Hublot since 2010, WiseKey blockchain’s conditioned the watches with the ability to check, modify, and issue authentic digital birth certificates to storage devices. Furthermore, this technology creates unified birth certifications and its digital identities specifically linked to those birth certifications. The WiseKey’s Watch Birth certificate holds basic information about the products’ manufacturing origin, date, and time.

Major WIseKey blockchain features

The use of blockchain technology backed up with other measures to guarantee originality makes buying this luxurious, timeless piece much more convenient and free of counterfeit worries. Blockchain applications are already been deployed in various different supply chain projects.

Sellers and end-users have long faced challenges with counterfeit branding and products. This new WISeAuthentic certification feature will add increased manufacturing reliability, secure branding against replicas, and provide end-users with magnified product satisfaction, said the founding chief executive officer Carlos Moreira. He further added that these birth certificates, free of duplication, are the much-needed next-level security enhancement required to protect consumers and devices.

Every issued watch birth certificate comes with two cryptographic based keys as a pair distinctive to its IoT device.  Embedded in the certificate is the public key which is open to distribution, the private key, however, is used for identity verification and exemplifies the IoT device’s unique identity.

Blockchain technology continues to be popular for its security features. However, the system is well adaptable for enhanced security needs of information storage, digital transactions, and other web based services. WISeKey’s implementation of its lesser-known attributes continues to enhance its importance in manufacturing products of the future.

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