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Worldcoin wants to scan the eyes of 1 billion people by 2023 to speed up the adoption of cryptocurrencies!

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Worldcoin wants to scan the eyes of 1 billion people
Worldcoin wants to scan the eyes of 1 billion people, source:

The team behind the new cryptocurrency Worldcoin is working to accelerate the mass adoption of digital assets through eye scanning.

The founders of this controversial project plan to scan one billion people by 2023.

The Worldcoin project looks very suspicious

A new digital project founded by former head of Y Combinator Sam Altman along with Alex Blaniom a Max Novendstern earned $ 25 million for a startup from the beginning. The company is currently valued at $ 1 billion.

“We try to get cryptocurrencies into people’s consciousness as quickly as possible, and we have the answer to how to achieve it. So far, it seems to be working really effectively, ”says Blania.

Round silver ball-shaped hardware will capture a person’s eyes to determine whether the person is real and has registered in the past so that people do not cheat. Very strange.

Is Big Brother watching?

The team decided to scan the iris of people because it contains much more information, such as a fingerprint, Blania explained. Depending on the jurisdiction, the age limit is at least 16 or 18 years. At present, the facility is “Orb“In more than 12 countries around the world.

After scanning the iris it is possible to use a unique code to apply free digital tokens, which will be distributed through the Orb wallet.

The founders insist that the company will not receive anything for scanning the iris. Once this ball scans both eyes, the iris image is converted to a numeric code, which is then removed to protect the privacy of the person.

How many people will be rewarded and how many tokens they will receive for this experiment is still uncertain. However, this amount should be around $ 100. How much a volunteer will depend on when he registers. “The sooner a person comes, the more he gets,” said founder Blania.

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