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Xbox 360 3 Lights of Doom – 3 Tips to Help You Fix Your Xbox 360 Console

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The Xbox 360 3 Lights of Doom has become a very frequent occurrence among Xbox 360 owners. And there’s no doubt that it is one of the must frustrating sights a gamer can see. This is because Microsoft charges outrageous repair costs to fix this error.

This article is about 3 tips that can help you fix your Xbox 360 console without having to pay expensive Microsoft repair fees.

1 – The basic cause of Xbox 360 3 lights of doom is too much heat. When your console gets too hot, the components inside of the system start to bend and eventually break the connections. This makes the console start flashing the 3 light error code.

The first tip to fix this is to turn off your Xbox 360 and let it cool off. Then make sure you console is well ventilated. Don’t put it on the carpet or in a tight space. Set it upright and make sure it has plenty of room to breathe. Give it about an hour before you try it again and see if you still get the three red lights.

2 – The next thing you need to do is check out the hard drive, the power cord, and the AV cable. Sometimes if these parts are damaged, the Xbox 360 will display a trouble code, even if the inside components are fine. Don’t use a surge protector or power strip when playing your Xbox 360.

3 – Finally, if you are still having trouble with the Xbox 360 3 lights of doom, some of the components inside the box might be damaged. The way to find this out is to open up the console and have a look at the solder joints on the Graphics Card. Some people don’t feel comfortable doing this themselves. If you’re one of those people you should check into an online repair guide or Microsoft’s repair service.

I also suggest investing in an Intercooler or a cooling unit for your Xbox 360. These start at $10 up to $30. The more expensive ones are better. Again, this will help keep cool air circulating through the insides of that console preventing those components from getting so hot and breaking.

Dusty Thornton

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