January 21, 2021


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xSigma: World-Class Developers Solving DeFi’s Biggest Pain-Points

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The enormous potential offered by decentralized finance, or DeFi, is finally being realized. But despite its rapid growth, DeFi remains notoriously difficult to use, especially for average users who lack the technical finesse to solve frustrating challenges on-the-fly. Without a fix, DeFi will miss the boat on converting millions of people to open finance.

xSigma Corporation is launching a new DeFi ecosystem that aims to unlock the true value of decentralized finance while also solving the myriad of issues plaguing automated market makers and other DeFi protocols. Some of the biggest pain-points that xSigma DeFi plans to tackle include a faulty user experience, stuck transactions and pooling issues that lead to impermanent loss.

Extreme market volatility, a lack of insurance on loans and pricing error all serve to make the DeFi experience more frustrating for users. xSigma DeFi plans to tackle those as well by creating a simple and intuitive user experience that doesn’t unnecessarily frustrate or penalize market participants.

After extensive research and development, xSigma is on the verge of launching a decentralized stablecoin exchange, or DEX, to compete with existing automated market makers. The market for stablecoins is worth over $24 billion as of November 2020, a figure that’s expected to grow significantly over the next bull market.

Despite this tremendous growth, the stablecoin market is dominated by a few big players–most notably Curve. It suffers from a poor user experience, opaque token distribution model and complex governance systems.
xSigma, on the other hand, is building a stablecoin exchange from the user side, not the developer side. The focus is creating a flawless user experience by offering a simplified interface that appeals to crypto veterans and new traders alike.

The xSigma DEX has been designed to incentivize participation of a growing ecosystem while minimizing risk for liquidity providers and traders alike. The breakthrough DEX will be powered by a governance token that provides a swapping solution with a simple system for farming, governance and account management. These innovations also include a new reward structure that burns SIG tokens with exchange fees, effectively boosting demand for the governance token while capping supply.

xSigma’s team of engineers, developers and project managers include seasoned veterans from the world of fintech and blockchain. The team is being led by former Facebook, Amazon, Google, Ripple Labs and 1inch engineers. The project has recruited advisors formerly of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and National Futures Association (NFA).

xSigma also recently entered into an agreement with Dentoro Alliance LP, a leading European software company that will provide the DeFi project with key development and operational resources.

xSigma DeFi was developed by xSigma Lab, a subsidiary of NASDAQ-traded company ZK International (Nasdaq: ZKIN). With ongoing support from ZK International, xSigma plans to enhance the open finance movement through affordable financial services, payments and securities.

To learn more, follow xSigma on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

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