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Xtreme Pip Poacher Review

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The Xtreme Pip Poacher software is an automated Forex trading EA that is created by one of the industry’s most dedicated trading expert who has mastered his trading system for generating pip gains from every one of his trades. This swing trading expert is Drew Collinson who is a specialist in FX trading and has created an automated trading tool that works on the MetaTrader 4 FX platform.

1. What Does Xtreme Pip Poacher Automated Trading Software Help Professional Trader Drew Collinson Do?

Today, this software automates all of his trading algorithms for him, meaning that it is taking him just minutes a day to tweak his robot and make money as compared to the past when he would have to spend at least 6 hours every day staring at the price charts.

This Expert Advisor is programmed to make money from all the main currency pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and the USD/CHF) and is categorized as a medium trading bot. Typically, it would get in and out of trades within a couple of days and does not usually complete its trades within minutes unlike a scalping trading bot.

2. How Is Xtreme Pip Poacher Helping Me and Thousands of Other Traders Worldwide Earn More Money?

Rather than having to spend many hours now staring at all the different currency pair price charts at once and analyzing them at the same time. I can expect to make money from the price movements in the markets using this automated tool that I spend a couple of minutes every day tweaking.

Also, this robot eliminates the possibility that I will let my negative emotions such as fear and greed affect the way I trade. Many beginner traders find that their trading results are negatively affected because they feel fear and greed at precisely the wrong times of their trading.

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