January 24, 2021


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Yearn Finance Reveals Leveraged Vaults with Alpha Homora

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The Yearn Finance DeFi platform has been continuously expanding in terms of partnerships and products. Its latest offering will be leveraged vaults.

As the Yearn Finance version 2 launch approaches, the team led by Andre Cronje has hinted that there will be a number of leveraged vaults in synergy with Alpha Homora.

In a recent tweet, Cronje stated that in collaboration with Cream v2 and Alpha Homora v2, all Yearn v2 vaults will become leveraged, making cross-asset strategies viable.

Cronje added;

“These cross-platform strategies allow up to 90x leverage on stable coins and 80x leverage on ETH, and allows users to either sell and compound or accumulate the asset.”

Alpha Homora v2 Launching

Alpha Homora is a product by Alpha Finance Lab which allows leveraging positions in yield farming and liquidity providing pools.

In a recent announcement, Alpha Finance stated that Cream Finance, SushiSwap, Balancer, and Curve, which recently launched an ETH swapping pool, have officially joined Alpha Homora v2 as partners to bring growth to the platform. It will be launched sometime this month, though no date was specified.

Key features in Alpha Homora v2 include enabling leveraged yield farming of liquidity pools that are on Curve, Balancer, SushiSwap, and Uniswap. It encourages yield farmers to hold on to their farmed tokens and reinvest them for better returns rather than just selling them on the market.

Uniswap DeFi

0xMaki, a core member of SushiSwap, said;

“One of the key features in Alpha Homora V2 that I like is not having the reinvestment function or not selling farmed tokens for more yields.”

According to DeFi Pulse, the total value locked in Alpha Homora has surged by 400% over the past 30 days. It is currently just below $400 million which puts it above Yearn Finance itself as its own TVL continues to dwindle due to underperforming v1 vaults.

The launch of Yearn’s v2 vaults and Alpha Homora v2 is likely to result in a resurgence of liquidity for both platforms.

YFI Price Outlook

Yearn Finance’s native YFI token has finally lifted off again following a few weeks of torpor. YFI surged to a three-month high of just over $36k on Jan 7 but has pulled back slightly today trading at around $33k at the time of writing.

The version 2 launch is likely to boost token prices even further as liquidity farmers flock back to the platform.

Alpha Finance also has its own ALPHA governance token and it has pumped around 18% on the day to reach an all-time high of just over $0.40.

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