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Zara Announces Production of Avatar Clothing in Metaverse

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Zara, the famous clothing brand, has announced that it will start producing clothes and apparel to be used by avatars in the metaverse. With this, users will be able to make their avatars “in fashion”.

In addition, Zara has informed that the clothes will exist in both universes, the metaverse, and the physical universe so that both avatars and their owners can wear the same clothes.

According to a tweet from Zara, this is a collaboration with South Korean clothing brand Ader Error. Both companies launched the AZ Collection series, which takes its inspiration from current fashion.

The collection is already being sold at the ADERRORXZARA virtual store, on the ZEPETO platform. There, they explain, “you can buy virtual clothes and makeup for your avatar.”

This is, therefore, the Spanish clothing and fashion company’s first step into the virtual world. This ecosystem already has more than 50,000 users.

Zara fashion in metaverse

ZEPETO is an avatar “factory” where users can create their own versions and coexist in digital worlds. This is an application where with just a selfie an animation that will exist in a web3 world is created.

As ZARA highlighted, the new collection features designs that reflect the lifestyles of people “whose personalities are shaped by their simultaneous experiences in the real and virtual worlds”. This demonstrates, according to the company, “the new person dreamed of by both brands”.

Zara also highlighted that the project reflects the ability of language “to express ideas”, as well as to give rise to “other ways of thinking and creating new cultures”.

The collection includes cotton sweatshirts and shirts, as well as pants and three models of athletic shoes. Also, there are accessories such as scarves, bags, caps, bags and glasses.

The physical parts are being sold at Zara stores in Spain, South Korea, Denmark, Germany, France, Holland, Italy, United States, France, China and Japan.

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