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The creator of Dogecoin sells his personal NFT collection from the DOGE project

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The co-founder of the Dogecoin project has published his personal collection DOGE NFT. Its sales subsequently moved to the largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea.


Billy Markus, who co-created the meme coin in 2013, came up with some interesting news for the community and fans of NFT tokens. The last three of his “Dreaming Dogs” were sent to the OpenSea market.

The NFT collection received Dreaming Doge and contains 8 NFTs, which will be issued in 88 editions.

NFT Dreaming Doge by Billy Markus


NFT collection by Billy Markus. Source: OpenSea

Billy Markus sent the remaining three pixel NFT tokens to market with a minimum price 0.088 ETH.

GameStop vs. OpenSea

According to the latest information from Bloomberg, GameStop plans to create its own NFT marketplace.

To support this project, GameStop has partnered with the Australian company Immutable. Together they set aside $ 100 million to support the NFT. The new NFT marketplace will be a lot of competition for OpenSea. The project should be launched by the end of 2022.

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