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About us

Crypto has the power, so we started the #cryptohelpschildren activity.

Mission of our #cryptohelpschildren activity is to help children who need it. Children without parents in children’s homes, help children in third world to educate …

50% of the earnings from the Cryptheory website and other connected projects will go to the #cryptohelpschildren group and 50% on the running of the site. With increasing traffic and thus earnings, the percentage belonging to a group to help children will also increase.

We will update the earnings on this page. When they reach the 1,000 USD threshold, you will decide whether to send the money to the foundation or directly to the children’s home chosen for this period (0-1000).

Crypto has the power.

In further development, we want to create a DeFi token that will help make the world a better place.

Any help is welcome.

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