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Our task is to objectively and responsibly create, collect and share information that moves the world of cryptocurrency. Here we offer readers the most relevant topics across the entire cryptoecosystem, ie current events and developments in the cryptocurrency market, laws, regulations, probable outlook and the most important events.

We always insist on original high quality content and our website has made it a goal to always look from the perspective of a cryptocurrency investor. We believe in bitcoin, we believe in crypto, we believe in blockchain technology. We are looking for fun in the cryptocurrency sector.

A revolution that also includes social relations and laid the foundations of a world where the word “decentralization” is present in all areas of business and social coexistence. Central to this story will be cryptocurrencies, fintech and blockchain, three interconnected and often overlapping fields.

We are an independent site dedicated to helping readers make informed and reliable decisions about the financial sector. We will continue to tell the stories that need to be told.

Direct participation from readers who can pass on valuable information through their own article will also be essential. is the main content site of startup Cryptheory Labs LTD. We aim to have fun with cryptocurrencies and make life easier for others. In addition to the upcoming Metaverse Project, we plan to create a fun Play-to-Earn gaming platform full of minigames.



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