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Monster Energy registered 4 trademarks related to NFT and Metaverse

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The beverage company Monster Energy enters the market of nonfungible tokens (NFT) and the metaverse sector by registering related trademarks.

Monster Energy joins the NFT

Monster Energy filed a trademark application with the NFT through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. NFT will be virtual goods in the form of drinks, food, nutritional supplements, game music and clothing.

The second trademark focuses on downloadable virtual food, drink and clothing. The virtual product will be sold through an online retailer that includes other virtual goods, including accessories.

Another Monster trademark suggests that the company will provide entertainment and a vital ecosystem to mediate the purchase and sale of virtual drinks, food, accessories, bags, NFTs, digital assets and more.

Finally, the energy drinks company applied for a trademark for the virtual goods market and the NFT. The trademark will provide non-downloadable software for managing, displaying, monetizing, purchasing, selling, trading, transferring and verifying virtual goods, NFTs, etc.

Trademark Application Monster Energy has placed the organization in a chain of companies seeking a stake in the metaverse and NFT sector. In 2021, the number of trademarks related to the NFT in the US was 1 26З, which is 421 times more than in 2020, when three applications were filed.

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