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Metaverse will generate new professions by 2030, say experts

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The metaverse is increasingly popular, attracting the attention of companies and investors. It is a new layer of reality, integrating the physical and virtual worlds in an immersive environment that can be used with different technologies, such as virtual reality, holograms and augmented reality.

In these universes, people could interact with each other, work, study and have a social life through their avatars.

The main objective, therefore, is that people are not just observers. Instead, participate in this virtual world.

Recently, Adrien Book published a study in Cult Magazine, detailing some of the diverse professions that will emerge by 2030 within the Metaverse.

Based on this research, Tatiany Melecchi, the first Brazilian certified as a Professional in Talent Development by the ATD (Association for Talent and Development) in the USA, comments on the main activities and their respective functions.

According to the expert, the metaverse will be of great importance in the coming years.

“Organizational leaders define a strategy for revenue growth for their business in Metaverse. This professional will need to drive a strategic portfolio of opportunities, from proof of concept to deployment. This means identifying market opportunities, building business cases, influencing engineering roadmaps and developing key metrics,” he reports.

Metaverse Professions

With sensory issues increasingly encompassing due to technology, Tatiany reveals that the Hardware Builder for the Metaverse needs to create tools that make people feel more immersed in that world.

“Sensors that make you feel touched, cameras that check if you’re in a good or bad mood and headphones that sense the weather around you, projecting, for example, a winter’s day into the digital world. These are just some of the equipment that can be developed to interact directly with this virtual universe”, he exemplifies.

However, privacy will be one of the biggest concerns related to Metaverse. After all, with these various sensors companies will have an unimaginable amount of data about individuals and organizations.

“The Metaverse Security Manager is in a strategic position to accurately predict how the functionality of this universe will be negatively used, identifying critical security components, systems and manufacturing steps associated with those predictions. All this with the aim of increasing security, without sacrificing functionality or design”, points out the CEO.

In addition, the expert reports that there are several other jobs that will be generated from the implementation of Metaverse.

“Research Scientist, Storyteller, World Builder and Avatar Developer are just some of the many assignments that can be created in the Metaverse,” he concludes.

Metaverse professions that already exist

Advertising, trends consultant and founder of 16 01, Edu Paraske, indicated three professions that are already a reality: Specialist in metaverse; NFT Specialist; Data-driven prototyping and innovation change agent

Regarding the first post, Paraske stated:

“Just as today we have professionals who understand media, planning, creation and other disciplines, for the virtual world of coexistence, all these attributes will need to converge. This is because they will not happen in a synoptic way, but in an invisible symbiosis. It will be necessary to understand and understand what is possible to do. As it happens today in the world of games: few professionals really understand all the possibilities that this ecosystem offers.”

Meanwhile, about the NFT experts, he highlighted:

“A look at recent statistics reveals just how fast NFT’s popularity is growing. In 2020, the total sales value of non-fungible tokens was $250 million. Meanwhile, the first quarter of 2021 had a total sales value of $2 billion. We haven’t even reached 10% of the full business potential with NFTs, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This means that many businesses will find very profitable opportunities to leverage value-adding technologies with a new business unit. Among games, licensed collections, arts or pieces from the fashion world”.

Innovation Prototyper and Change Agent

Regarding the data-based Prototyper, Paraske considered:

“Data and the way to visualize it are increasingly accessible and intuitive. Soon, technologies will arrive at the state of the art to promote user-friendly access to data on all platforms and for all areas. That is, the most important skill will not be to get data and analyze it, but to have the ideas of what actions will be taken, what tests will be done, what experiments will be tested and what prototypes we will have to put into practice. Thus, the most valued professionals will be those who integrate their ability to analyze data, put actions into practice and generate business.”

Finally, about the change agent of innovation, he said:

“No matter how fast and dynamic the technological changes and the innovation we consume, companies will need people who must take responsibility for transforming the culture of innovation. This happens today partially in companies that have areas of innovation, or even within HR itself. But in the face of such a chaotic world, these positions will be deemed essential very soon. Today, it still has its performance as the so-called “double hat”. That is, someone accumulates this function of training and acculturating companies. But this is still seen as an expense and also as a simple training and development initiative, and not as something strategic and generating business.”

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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