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12-year-old boy sells NFTs collection for $350,000

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TL;DR Breakdown

• Benyamin Ahmed presented his NFTs collection “Weird Whales,” selling in less than 9 hours.
• The market for non-fungible tokens is preparing for the next collection to be displayed.

Benyamin Ahmed, a boy of only 12 years old, is a trend for participating in the NFTs market and making a lot of money. Cryptocurrencies have brought many profits to their enthusiasts; they are not limited by age, nationality, or level of education.

In July, little Benyamin sold his NFTs collection called “Weird Whales” at a fair price. Over time the young boy earned $350,000, and by the end of August, he has earned close to a total of $400,000.

Benyamin Ahmed’s NFT’s collection


Benyamin Ahmed NFT’s collection auction was finished in less than 9 hours. The auction was valued at 80 ETH, which at the time was worth $248,000 each.

The boy also obtained a 2.5 percent commission when the NFTs are sold on the market, giving him a profit of 30 Ether. Altogether, Benyamin earned $343,640 at today’s market price.

His profit was very good as he spent only $300 for gas fees and the cost for interacting with the ETH Blockchain network. To create non-fungible tokens, the person must invest money in the Blockchain network.

What is most surprising about this story is that young Benyamin doubts his abilities as an artist despite winning about $350,000 at the auction. The young man told a trade magazine he is not a spontaneous artist. However, he saw that drawing whales using pixels is fun and easy. This little “game” that Benyamin sees in his work is an art in his most vivid expression.

Benyamin’s previous exploits on the NFTs market

Although Benyamin Ahmed made a lot of money on his NFTs whale collection, this is not the first time he has dabbled in the non-fungible token market. For the summer of 2021, the young man created a whole collection of tokens called “Minecraft Yee Haa”. However, this collection of non-fungible tokens was not as receptive to the market as he had hoped.

The previous NFT work that Benyamin struggled with “Minecraft Yee Haa ” gave him the experience to create “Weird Whales” which earned him a lot of money. For now, the young man is working on another token collection, although he has not yet revealed his name or what it was about.

Benyamin has not withdrawn the millionaire winnings in the last auction because he has claimed that he does not have a bank account. The boy may use all of his earnings to improve his workspace and thus create more non-fungible tokens collections for his admirers.

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