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The guy is only 16 years old and already has his own cryptocurrency and the first millions!

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Over the last 12 months, cryptocurrencies have seen a huge increase in popularity. Now let’s imagine another 16 years old boy who is literally hungry for success. His name is Youssof Altoukhi. His story is different from that of ordinary children his age. This guy created his own cryptocurrency Y Coin which earned him the first millions.

The guy is only 16 years old and already has his own cryptocurrency and the first millions!

Entrepreneur body and soul

Youssof grew up in London and given his very young age, it is admirable what his business experience is. You would say that such a young boy must have rich parents who have contributed to his business. However, the opposite is true. Youssof comes from more modest circumstances and from an early age he wondered how he could make a decent living. His first business experience was in 3D printing. Back in elementary school, he received a gift from his parents in the form of a 3D printer and decided to use it in a really great way. He started producing and later selling phone cases on his website.

As Youssof grew older, so did his ideas for getting rich. His other experience was the idea of ​​selling sneakers and limited edition clothing. This is where he first set up an account on Instagram. The demand for such goods is really high, but there is also a large number of fraudsters in this sector. For this reason, too, he learned how to build up his money so that he could cover the risks associated with doing business. The turning point came in creating your marketing. He decided to work with influencers. He later made a clever move that shot him to the top. He advertised his business on Google Maps. None of its competitors have done this before. Because his brand was called Little Kicks people simply typed “where to buy kicks” into a search engine and its brand appeared at the very top. Since the young Youssof was still at school, he had to sell the business because he simply could not manage logistics, warehousing and other factors.

How did he met cryptocurrencies?

After his business experience, Youssof was looking for a passive income in which he would not have to work physically. And so he got to know the crypto exchange. As a first step, you set up a demo account to gain some important experience. After training, he decided to invest the money he earned in cryptocurrencies. He was only 10 at the time! His research gave him the basics of how BTC works. At the time of the bullrun in 2017, he met altcoins for the first time and found that each of them basically solves a unique problem. This further drove him to success. In 2018, he even procured several ASIC machines to extract BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Thanks to clever strategies and investing in various projects, he earned a very decent amount of money.

How did the cryptocurrency Y Coin originate?

Youssof did not like the fact that several new projects are simply not democratic. The essence of this model is that one person with 1 million tokens voted 100 people with 1000 tokens. This simply did not make sense to address further. Youssof recruited a team of developers and created them together Y Coin. It is a payment coin that will use a democratic model of governance. So everyone has the same word, no matter how many Y coins they own.

Y Coin.  Source: Google
Y Coin. Source: Google

What makes this project unique?

Y Coin is called community currency. In practice, therefore, there is no risk of favoring solvent players in the market or the so-called whales. The aThinis Gate portal considers this project ambitious and thinks that it can make a significant contribution to what is happening in the world of cryptocurrencies in the future. The cryptocurrency began selling on February 15. The purchase price for 1 Y Coin was at launch $ 0.0015.

All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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