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17.06. [News of the day] • Whales have “eaten” 90,000 BTC in the last 25 days • and other articles

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Welcome to today’s overview of crypto news:


Since falling below $ 35,000 over the weekend, the value of the primary cryptocurrency has begun to rise rapidly, helped by positive news from El Salvador and India. Subsequently, BTC even climbed to $ 40,000 and above. The bulls continued to push the asset up, resulting in an almost monthly high of $ 41,375.

However, BTC’s efforts to exceed the $ 40,000 mark have been halted at this time. The bears caught the movement and drove the cryptocurrency down. Over the past 24 hours, the situation has worsened slightly and BTC has dropped to just over $ 38,000. Since then, BTC has recovered slightly.

The Altcoins haven’t enjoyed much in the last 24 hours. ETH continued its free fall with another 4% decline. As a result, the second largest cryptocurrency fell below $ 2,450.


Whales have “eaten” 90,000 BTC in the last 25 days

BTC whales are stockpiling, with “millionaire” addresses accumulating approximately 90,000 BTC worth $ 367 billion in the last 25 days.

This accumulation was found by the Santiment data aggregator, which identified that wallets holding 100 to 10,000 BTCs, which Santiment describes as “millionaire” addresses, are now the largest segment of BTC whales and currently account for 48.7% of BTC’s offering.

The recent shopping spree puts millionaire addresses at the seven-week high of Bitcoins held, at more than 9.11 million BTC – just a few percent less than their mid-April high.

John McAfee admits that his crypto fortune is gone, but he does not regret anything

With an impending court hearing on tax evasion, John McAfee said he had nothing left in his cryptocurrency. Yet he does not regret anything.

After admitting that most people probably wouldn’t believe him, John McAfee claimed that his fortune was now gone. In connection with a court decision in Spain, where he has been in prison for almost a year, the former software tycoon explained that he had no funds hidden in the cryptocurrencies.

Specifically, the situation escalated earlier this year when the US Department of Justice filed formal charges against McAfee and his executive adviser, Jimmy Watson Jr. Authorities have accused both of several different conspiracies to commit fraud over obvious “pump and dump” schemes and even money laundering.

Banks, crypto exchanges, companies

Dtravel – decentralized rival Airbnb

Former online travel platform managers have teamed up with, a Binance-backed company, to launch a decentralized home-sharing platform similar to Airbnb, which will accept payments in cryptocurrencies and more traditional methods. The platform called Dtravel will operate as a competitor to Airbnb.

Unlike centralized applications such as Airbnb, Dtravel is community-owned through the decentralized autonomous organization Dtravel DAO. The DAO structure enables peer-to-peer communication and voting via the native blockchain token and the TRVL token, which will soon appear on the Binance Smart Chain and the ETH network. [3a]

Fraudsters send fake hardware wallets to Ledger data leak victims

The consequences of a serious breach of Ledger’s data security are felt even after almost a year. One of the contributors to the r / ledgerwallet forum on Reddit, who identified himself as one of those affected by the disruption, posted pictures of what looked like a fake Ledger Nano X wallet, which he received in the mail.

However, the device, wrapped in a seemingly authentic package, contained several identifying marks that aroused the contributor’s suspicions. Most striking is that the package was accompanied by a badly written letter claiming to be signed by Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier and telling the recipients:

“For security reasons, we have sent you a new device, you must switch to the new device to maintain safety. Inside your new box is a manual that you can read and learn how to set up your new device. For this reason, we have changed the structure of the device. We now guarantee that such a breach will never occur again. “

CBDC, Regulation

South Korean crypto exchanges are prohibited from handling coins they have issued themselves

It seems that the increased regulatory control that has recently affected the South Korean cryptocurrency area has spread to stock exchange tokens.

According to the Arirang agency’s Thursday report, cryptoburses are forbidden to handle any coins or assets that they have issued themselves. The law also applies to any assets issued by family members, spouses or distant relatives and should enter into force on 26 June.

Businesses that do not comply with the new regulations may be suspended and fined up to $ 88,000.

The SEC again postpones the decision on the VanEck BTC ETF to July

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has again postponed its decision on the BTC ETF VanEck, stating in its report that it wants the public to comment.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has again postponed its decision on the bitEin ETF VanEck, the regulator announced on June 16. The decision follows the first notification of the deferral in April, when he requested an extension of the deadline for the approval decision by 45 days. The next date is set for July 2021.

The SEC will now ask the public for comments on the stock listing proposal prepared by Cboe Global Markets. Investors are likely to be disappointed with the decision, but will have to be content with the fact that the ETF decision has only been postponed, not directly rejected.

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