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4 best stocks for investment in 2021

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best stocks for investment


When you are looking for the best stocks for investment, there are certain elements that you must focus on to grow your money. There have been immense opportunities in the year 2021, especially in the stock market. Sudden rise and fall have been the central aspect of this year’s market. Considering everything, there are certain stocks that you should invest in if you are looking to grow your money. The stock market has few surprises that can be overcome by using GO Markets reviews for the best results.

The economy is slowly healing after the catastrophic events in 2020. Many investors are looking forward to making it big this year. There are chances of solid earnings growth in 2020 that may help the market to bounce back. The pandemic has resulted in cost efficiencies that are still going to exist. Exactly when in 2021, the market would revive, and investors will see gain is hard to tell. Keeping an eye on all the events that engulf the market, we bring you the top four stocks for investment in 2021.

Alibaba Group:

Alibaba Group is an internet retail industry having a market value of $713.7 billion. Alibaba is also the second-largest holding, with revenues almost tripling in the past three years. The stocks of Alibaba Group are booming and are one of the best stocks to invest in in 2021. Alibaba recently has seen revenue growth accelerate for the fourth time in a row. There initially have been some issues with the Chinese government, which has affected the prices of stock. This too soon is going to end, and as per the state of the market, it is acceptable to say that Alibaba would bounce back.

There has been strong bottom line and top-line growth, as shown on the reports of February. The adjusted earnings raised to $3.38 a share, which is almost 30% growth.


Pinterest is a well renowned social media industry having a market value of $42.3 billion. The social media app that allows users to share images is an inspiring one and is the right stock to invest in in 2021 if you are looking forward to growing your money. Pinterest makes money from advertising and is a giant in what it does. Pinterest has collaborated with Shopify to launch their new advertising platform allowing advertisers to upload a catalogue to their Pinterest. This ad technology is next level and will indeed positively affect the company and its stock in the year 2021.

Using this platform, the user will buy anything with a few clicks, which is remarkable. It is estimated that the shares can rise to 25% within the next four years and is one of the best investments in 2021.


Microsoft is an infrastructure software company having a market value of $1.6 trillion. There is no doubt that Microsoft is the world’s largest software making company. There has been a downtime in Microsoft history from 2011 to 2017, but the company could bounce back. A big reason for the growth of Microsoft after 2017 is cloud computing. The earnings of Microsoft have nearly doubled after introducing cloud computing. If we take the next five years, Microsoft stocks are believed to increase by 15% and are accepted as top stocks to invest in in 2021 for the best results.

If you are looking for exponential growth in your investment in the next 4 to 5 years, then Microsoft is one of the best companies to opt for. You can update on more stocks and information regarding the market using itrader. iTrader review will offer you all details for the best results.

JP Morgan Chase:

JP Morgan Chase is one of the most renowned semi-diversified banking industry with a vast network throughout the globe. Many of you might be thinking that JP Morgan Chase stocks, after falling almost 13% in 2020, how can it be the best in 2021. This is because there has been record revenue in 2020, primarily from investment banking and trading. This is sure to give a boost to the giant financial company in 2021. JP Morgan is believed to bounce back in the market in the New Year just like Bank of America and should be one of the best stocks to invest in in 2021.

In terms of total assets, JP Morgan is one of the largest banks in the world, having an employee base of almost 2,50,000 individuals. The company is sure to bounce back in 2021 and could be your choice of investment to grow your money. Vantage FX is a forex trading service provider that helps investors invest in the right stocks. Vantage FX review will offer you a better understanding of the trading company.


Investing in stocks requires a lot of experience and research. After thorough research and understanding of the market, the companies mentioned above are ascertained for the best experience investing in 2021 for investors worldwide.


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