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Why does Altcoin Daily mention BTC, ETH and Cardano as the top 3 cryptocurrencies for this year?

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Altcoin Daily is a crypto channel that monitors 840,000 subscribers. Given the relatively large audience, you may be interested in which cryptocurrencies he chose as the top 3 and why.

Altcoin Daily and its first three

Popular cryptocurrency influencer Aaron Arnoldwhich operates the channel on YouTube Altcoin Daily, spoke of the three cryptocurrencies that he said are best suited for investment this year.

Arnold adds that the current sentiment in the crypto markets is not like during the crash in 2017, when everyone expected a short period of cooldown before the next stage, which never came. Here is his top three…


The relatively classic selection “for sure” is evidenced by the fact that Altcoin Daily included BTC in his selection. However, it is generally considered to be almost an indispensable part of any crypto portfolio.

BTC’s cutting-edge cryptocurrency has fallen sharply and traders in its market have moved from euphoria to fear. “When the market is scared, it’s an opportunity …” states the Altcoin Daily, stating that this is exactly the case these days and weeks.

In addition, Taproot enhancements are coming to help keep BTC in the news. The upgrade will increase BTC’s privacy, speed up transaction speeds and reduce the amount of data stored and transferred to the blockchain, says Aaron Arnold.


ETH also has a major upgrade that will be awaited and which could push the price up. The one according to youtuber Altcoin Daily will come in 2022 and keep ETH in the news.

The new version of ETH will not only freeze much of the ETH offering as people stack their ETH on ETH 2.0, but will also increase blockchain efficiency as the platform moves from a proof-of-work consensus to a proof-of-stakeholder method.


The last cryptocurrency of the selection Altcoin Daily is Cardano (ADA).

Arnold believes Cardano can grow this year. It relies again on the foundation and points out that the platform is going to introduce fully functional smart contracts in the coming months. The team recently successfully launched the Alonzo test network, which gave Charles Hoskinson’s rival ETH a bullish factor that pushed the price up.

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It is very interesting how the relatively careful choice was chosen by the inluencer, which has the name “altcoin” in the very name of its channel. This caution may reflect the current uncertainty in the market, where traders are largely waiting for further progress. At the same time, however, it focuses on the upcoming innovations, which is a medium-term speculative tactic based on quite real foundations.

The article is not an investment advice – do your own research and invest your own head at your own risk.

All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.
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