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Anonymous threatens Elon Musk for his crypto tweets

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TL;DR Breakdown

• Musk accused of using government subsidies to invest in BTC.
• Musk’s tweets drowned over 40% of BTC’s value in May.

Anonymous issued an alert warning Elon Musk about the BTC war. The Tesla CEO received a video in which the group threatened him due to the battle against BTC.

Anonymous is a hacking and activist organization trying to defend people’s rights. As its name implies, this group is anonymous and has spoken out against government agencies, churches, businesses, and world leaders.

The tactic used by this hacker’s team is to break into the website of a government entity. Each action taken by the anonymous group has been a trend on social networks such as Twitter.

Anonymous targets Elon Musk due to BTC

In recent hours, Anonymous threatened Tesla CEO Elon Musk, accusing him of using government subsidies for his investments. Musk was encouraged by the cryptocurrency market, initially approving payments with BTC for Tesla but then reversing the measure.

The billionaire businessman who championed BTC usage for a while sent a tweet recently discrediting BTC. These latest tweets from Musk have affected the price, which at some point had reached $63,000. Musk became an active speculator on cryptocurrencies for many people, which instead of improving the market, had ended up creating price bubbles.

Accusations against Musk


When Musk appeared on SNL in May, he invited people to trade Dogecoin, a competitor to BTC. Musk caused the digital currency referred to as a joke currency to skyrocket in value. However, BTC plummeted after Musk denied Tesla car payments with crypto.

These actions caused the discontent of investors and Anonymous was not left behind. The hackers released a video in which they publicly accused Musk of using private government funds for crypto investments. In the video footer, the group accused Musk of having destroyed lives for joining the crypto market.

The video indicates that most of Tesla’s shares are not for the sale of vehicles but government subsidies. Added to these profits is the sale of carbon tax credits because they offer “clean” technology. These claims caused investors to cast a hateful gaze towards Musk, whom they once admired.

As a final blow, the group Anonymous suggested that Musk had organized coups to install dictators. Although the group did not clarify which governments have been backed by Musk, indicating they had proof of this.

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