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App from Microsoft will take an example and write the correct procedure in addition to the result.

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A free application from Microsoft called Math Solver (Android / iOS) promises solving mathematical examples for elementary, high school and college. Just write them on the display or take a picture on paper.

App from Microsoft will take an example and write the correct procedure in addition to the result.

The biggest trump is that the application will not only “spit out” the result, but will offer a solution procedure, explanation, graphs, similar examples from the web and video from lectures.

The app is available on Google Play in pre-access, which means it is a test version and may contain errors. The main features and abilities are listed in the caption:

● ✏️ Write a math equation on screen as you naturally do on paper
● ? Scan printed or handwritten math photo
● ⌨️ Type and edit using advanced scientific math calculator
● Get interactive Step-by-Step explanation ? & Graphs ?
● Import images with math equations from gallery ?️
● Scan and Solve Math Worksheets with multiple problems
● ?Search the web for similar problems and video lectures
● Try math word problems
● Scan and plot x-y data tables for linear/non-linear functions
● Get help in multiple languages

The application supports solving elementary mathematical examples, can handle calculations with real and complex numbers, and can handle fractions and matrices. Can solve quadratic equations, systems of equations, inequalities and plot graphs of many functions. Furthermore, derivatives and integrals, limits or statistical functions such as mean, median, mode, standard deviation, permutations, combinations and many others.

Introducing the app in action

Cool app

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