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Artist Jonathan Rosen and Treum Collaborate on Massive NFT Drop

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Artist Jonathan Rosen and Treum Collaborate on Massive NFT Drop

Visual artist Jonathan Rosen has teamed up with Treum, the company behind the wildly successful NFT project EulerBeats, to release a limited set of NFTs exhibited first on a 36-screen digital facade on Oxford Street in London and currently displayed on Nasdaq’s seven-story tower in Times Square, New York.

Rosen, who has exhibited in Sydney, Taipei, Paris, and Hong Kong will release four NFTs titled I WANT, BIG, DROP, and FAMOUS that explore ideas around desire and notoriety in addition to a first of its kind “chance-based” NFT minting lottery.

In addition, Rosen has created a fifth NFT in collaboration with Nasdaq’s Purpose Initiative – the stock exchange’s project to give greater access to asset markets – and Broadway Cares, a nonprofit AIDS fundraising and grant-making organization, to raise money for the nearby charity. 

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“As I’ve always embraced digital technologies in my work, the NFT space allows me to push deeper into our digital experience,” says Rosen. “And now as we return to the outside world, it’s an honor to bring the digital into the physical and amongst the brightest lights of Broadway”

The five winning collectors of his 1-of-1 1000+ phrase pieces will be given the opportunity to have their face, name, and/or crypto wallet address displayed on the Nasdaq tower, next to their newly minted NFT. 

In addition to the auctions, collectors will get the chance to purchase a unique single-phrase NFT through a fixed-priced lottery.  

Artist Jonathan Rosen and Treum Collaborate on Massive NFT Drop
Jonathan Rosen.

Inspired by the similar mechanics of Rosen’s interactive digital mirrors, tilted DREAM MACHINES, the NFT generator randomly draws a phrase for the collector. Once minted, the ownership of the one-of-a-kind artwork is instantly transferred to the buyer, and the single phrase NFT can only be bought again on a secondary marketplace.

Rosen’s NFT auction will use the Treum NFT platform to create, list, and sell generative art NFTs. The platform provides end-to-end services for art, media, gaming, and sports companies to launch tailored NFT drops and deliver unique experiences at scale for fans and collectors. 

“The generative aspect of the project felt like a natural fit for the Treum platform,” said Treum’s cofounder Tyler Mulvihill.

“We found Jonathan Rosen’s authentic approach to the NFT ecosystem a perfect match for us. In the traditional art world, text based artists took decades to be recognized and we hope to massively accelerate that adoption in the digital world. In essence, what Jonathan is doing is tokenizing desires in the form of NFTS, like “I WANT FAME,” and unlocking a marketplace for them to be traded and priced. This experiment was fascinating to us and we had to help Jonathan realize his vision.

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Rosen said, “My career has been dedicated to the examination of human possibility and desire through language. This project extends beyond my individual practice and invites mass participation – and reflection – unlike anything I’ve done before.”

The NFTs will be released in stages: on Tuesday, June 8, users will be able to take part in the chance-based minting of a single-phrase NFTs created by Rosen. 

On June 15 at 1 pm EST, collectors can bid on a series of 5, 1-of-1 unique NFTs available on OpenSea for 24 hours. On June 16, the five winners of the auction, as well as the collector of the highest number of single phrase NFTs will have the opportunity to place a name, logo, or wallet address on the Nasdaq Digital Tower in New York as part of Rosen’s art exhibition in the city. 

Auction – June 15-16th on OpenSea

Chance-Based Mint: Open Now 


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