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Aurix Token – the Next Big Crypto Messiah

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Majed Mohsen is a computer engineer who has developed many amazing tech products in a wide range of fields. He created Aurix Solutions which contributes to the global transition to the cryptocurrencies and enhances the replacement of the traditional banking system with decentralized finance.

Aurix Chain is the powerful next-generation blockchain technology that will underpin all operations in this platform. The decentralized finance architecture is a guarantee of the safety of users’ funds, speed and security of all operations, and privacy of user data. The root problems that Majed Mohsen discovered in the crypto market and his fantastic solution have made Aurix token the Crypto Messiah. 

What is the Aurix token?

Aurix token is a concept brought by its CEO Majed Mohsen to eliminate the problems present in the current crypto exchange tokens in the market. Aurix offers additional benefits to its clients using Aurix tokens while paying a merchant or a vendor. For instance, low transaction fees or cashback. 

Consider a situation where you are going to buy a commodity. If you choose Aurix tokens for transactions, you can receive up to 9 per cent cashback in the form of crypto. Your level will be a factor in how many Aurix tokens you stake. The more you stake the Aurix tokens, the more you upgrade yourself on the platform. The benefit of holding Aurix tokens and having a higher level is the upgrade in the rewards, such as an increase in available leverage, discounts on trading fees, and a lot more.

In simple language, Aurix Token (AUR) is a utility token with fantastic features comparable to general payment functionality. The token issue is limited to 20 million units, and currently, it runs based on ERC-20, a standard protocol to issue a token to the ETH network. However, it will operate on the Aurix chain very soon. Along with this, it is worth mentioning that the AUR can be exchanged for many other cryptocurrencies.

AUR is the power source for the Aurix ecosystem and is a great opportunity for new users to grab the benefits offered by it. 

Aurix Token – the crypto messiah

There is a long list of benefits of owning Aurix tokens in the Aurix solutions platform. Some of the advantages from the list are:

  1. DeFi cashback upto 9% when paying merchants online and offline: Whenever you pay online to a merchant using Aurix tokens, you have the benefit of receiving up to 9 percent of cashback. Along with this, it also provides the guarantee of a secure transaction with zero hurdles.
  1. When using Visa/Mastercard, earn upto 9% cashback: While making a transaction using Visa/Mastercard, there is a high chance of receiving upto 9 percent cashback which is just amazing.
  1. The upgraded platform using Aurix tokens: If you stake the tokens in the platform, it will automatically upgrade you, which has many amazing benefits coming along with it. There are exclusive rewards and an increased list of benefits for an upgraded user. The more you hold Aurix tokens, the more you upgrade yourself.
  1. Enhance users’ trading experience: You will experience an increase in the trading experience with a ton of trading fees discounts.


With Majed Mohsen’s creative mind and powerful vision, the Aurix token has become a crucial part of the ecosystem. It will have a revolutionary influence on the way people trade with the amazing trading experience. There are a wide range of benefits Aurix token offers, and the one mentioned above are proof of its capability to grow effortlessly in the market. Aurix takes care of its users’ problems, security, needs, and the benefits they deserve. After seeing the influencing idea behind it, there is no doubt that the Aurix token has an excellent and shining future.

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