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BeInCrypto CEO Alena Afanaseva to Speak at WomenTech Global Conference 2021

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BeInCrypto CEO Alena Afanaseva to Speak at WomenTech Global Conference 2021

BeInCrypto is happy to announce that CEO Alena Afanaseva has been selected as a speaker at the WomenTech Global Conference 2021. WomenTech is aimed at supporting women in tech, namely engineers, UX designers, and digital marketers. 

Afanaseva is a co-founder and CEO of BeInCrypto, a publication dedicated to cryptocurrencies and fintech since 2018. The website’s goal is to inject transparency into an industry plagued with fake news, unlabeled sponsorships, and paid articles made to look like honest journalism.

Afanaseva has worked as a financial analyst in the past and served as managing editor of the Currency Speculator magazine. She has deep knowledge of macroeconomics, monetary policy, fundamental analysis of crypto assets, and blockchain technology.

Afanaseva is also well versed in the current state of crypto regulation in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Earlier this spring, Afanaseva was appointed a lecturer at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, the leading and oldest financial university in Russia, to deliver a course titled “The NFT Market: Introduction into Digital Art.” The course delves into the history of non-fungible tokens and the technical aspects of creating an NFT, as well as digital galleries and the methods used in crypto art valuation.

Building a multinational media company

Afanaseva’s talk will be on how to build a multinational media company in blockchain and crypto. Topics to be covered include, how to build a strong multinational team, how blockchain technology is changing our present and future, and the principles of trustful journalism. 

“Over the past year, we’ve covered news in ten languages, hired people from 20 countries, with almost 40% of them being women. I must add that the crypto industry is usually dominated by men, but not in our case. Blockchain is changing the world, while we’re changing the world of blockchain. We can empower it with technology, education, and career opportunities to positively change the world,” Afanaseva said.

Becoming the leader of a multinational news company is challenging in many regards, but becoming the leader of a media company in blockchain and crypto brings with it unique roadblocks. In her talk, Afanaseva will speak about her personal experience building an industry-leading crypto news company.

One of the more important topics will be on how to recruit and manage a team in excess of 100 people, who write daily in ten languages about breaking crypto news. She’ll also speak about the principles of trustworthy journalism, market potential, emerging technologies, and how they influence our day-to-day life.

The WomenTech Global Conference will launch on June 7 and run through June 11. Afanaseva’s talk will be on June 8 at 6:10 am EDT.

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