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BeInCrypto Launches NFT Charity Auction with Exquisite Workers

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BeInCrypto Launches NFT Charity Auction with Exquisite Workers

BeInCrypto is launching an anniversary non-fungible token (NFT) charity auction with Exquisite Workers to benefit the Open Earth Foundation.

BeInCrypto (BIC) celebrates its third year as a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency news organization with the company’s first NFT auction. The art used in the auction is courtesy of talent at Exquisite Workers. All the proceeds from the sale go towards the non-profit Open Earth Foundation (OEF). The auction is live for four days only, therefore bidders should act quickly.

Over the last three years, BIC developed alongside the crypto community. The team endured the ups and downs of the ever-fluctuating space. Now the company pops bottles in celebration of the release of the Star Edition NFT series on OpenSea.

What is the Star Edition NFT?

The Star Edition NFT series contains digital art from Exquisite Workers paired with “letters to the future.” Each letter is crafted by industry professionals. For example, Exquisite Workers NFT #187 ‘HOPE’ by Guille Jimeno comes with an article titled ‘Smart Space Colonies. Correcting the Mistakes of the Past through Blockchain,’ written by Morgan Deane, CEO of Swiss Investment-Bank. Other contributing authors include Hrish Lotlikar of SuperWorld Augmented Reality and Michaela Larosse from the Fabricant. Also joining the project is award-winning strategist, inventor, tech and sustainability consultant Evelyn Mora, and Irina Karagyaur, the Head of Metaverse Growth at Unique Network and KobiPlanet Labs,

All nine NFT auctions follow the same format except for the ninth and final piece. The final NFT of the collection features a prediction for the future of the industry by BeInCrypto. However, this is only for the eyes of the winning bidder. Roger Haus, an award-winning artist and founder of Exquisite Workers, created the art for the final NFT.

Each NFT can be viewed alongside one another to create a larger art piece entitled “Exquisite Corpse.” 

While the auction is the main event of BIC’s anniversary celebration, there are other events for the public. The first is the open Virtual NFT Show on the Spatial Augmented Reality app. Once inside, one can mingle with other guests and enjoy art from Exquisite Workers. Additionally, BeInCrypto is holding a Grand NFT Party on Sept 2, 2021, at 6:00 pm CET. The party will last around three hours. No registration is required for attendance. The Grand NFT Party can be accessed using this link. and those that wish to receive free NFT tickets for the event can obtain them here

All proceeds generated from the auction go to the Open Earth Foundation. The foundation is a research and deployment non-profit. It uses and advances the latest digital technology to help increase planetary resilience.

Participants comment on the collaboration

Katherine Forster, Open Earth Foundation’s Community Director and Social Alpha Foundation Fellow praised the innovative collaboration:

“This event highlights the transformative potential of blockchain and emerging technology in creating innovative solutions to address the climate crisis. Moreover, the initiative demonstrates the convening capacity of NFTs – bringing together influencers and disruptive thinkers from art, journalism, crypto, and environment to amplify a shared vision of positive impact.”

Foster also reiterated that all proceeds from the auction will go to support the foundation’s mission to utilize the blockchain. “The fact that the Open Earth Foundation will receive all the proceeds is a solid signal of how the promoters of Blockchain understand the need to put the planet first. No amount of amazing vision has any value if we don’t have future generations who can build on that vision. A healthy planet is essential for that.”

Another contributor, Dr. Franklin Noll, an authority on the history of money, wrote ‘Payments in the Off-World Colonies, 2121‘ for the auction. He stated that “the future demands that creatives work and play together to forge a new reality. BeInCrypto, Open Earth Foundation, and Exquisite Workers show us a way to make this happen. I am happy to play my part in this grand endeavor, contributing my own creativity (with maybe a dash of madness).”

Lastly, is Jehan Chu, co-founder of Kenetic and Social Alpha Foundation (SAF). Chu, who penned ‘The Possibility of Art Futures,’ told BIC that, “building on a strong relationship, SAF believes and supports OEF’s work in carbon accounting through blockchain technology.” Anna Dart, co-founder of “NFT to stay mission” illustrated the art which compliments Chu’s piece.

BeInCrypto gives back

BeinCrypto as a company takes pride in the various collaborations and creative efforts that make up this NFT auction.

In a memo on the celebratory events, BeInCrypto said this moment shows the company’s growth and dedication to the industry:

“The auctioning off of the Exquisite Corpse pieces signifies the company’s dedication to growing and giving back to the industry. The charity event will see the funds raised being given to the Open Earth Foundation, a non-profit focused on cutting-edge digital technologies to advance open-source platforms. BeInCrypto continues its push to grow and share market knowledge, empowering the next generation of disruptive thinkers in this innovative collaboration with Exquisite Workers.”

While the auction will only last four days, the project will leave a lasting mark on the space.

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