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The biggest winners and losers in football fan tokens

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The crypto industry has long since gained a foothold in sports. Whether Barcelona, ​​Milan or Paris, more and more large sports clubs are issuing their own coins. By buying these cryptocurrencies, fans can participate in the company. These so-called fan tokens give the buyer, for example, voting rights in club decisions or enable access to exclusive content. But what about the profitability of sports coins?

In an analysis report of the platform Trading Browser the price developments of the fan tokens over the course of 2022 were examined. The data was used to calculate how much money you would start the year 2023 with if you had invested 100 US dollars in the respective tokens on January 1, 2022. It was also determined which teams performed best and which ended up on the relegation zone.

The 3 top fan tokens

Due to the turbulence on the crypto market, Fan Token 2022 did not have an easy time either. Nevertheless, these teams were able to convince with a positive result.

1st place: FC Santos

FC Santos is a Brazilian football team, for which football icon Pelé has played, among others, and is one of the biggest teams in South America. In January 2022, their SANTOS Fan Token was worth $3.5038. The price of the token has since risen to $4.2954, meaning a $100 investment would have yielded $122.59 at the end of the year, an increase of 22.59 percentthe highest of all fan tokens.

2nd place: Naples

SSC Napoli plays in the Italian Serie A and has already won it twice. Their token NAP was worth $3.2522 in January 2022 and has risen to $3.9388 within a year. This corresponds to a price gain of 21.11 percent.

3rd place: AS Monaco

AS Monaco plays in France’s Ligue 1, which the team has won eight times. In January 2022, their token ASM was worth $1.1225 and after one year it was worth $1.1337. So the return was about one percent.

The relegation candidates

However, not all club tokens had price gains. These teams saw the greatest decline in value.

Last place: Leeds

Leeds are not only in the bottom half of the table in the Premier League. The club’s token has suffered the biggest losses. The price of the LUFC token has dropped from $5.4789 to just $0.6531. That means that out of a $100 investment, fans would have been left with just $11.92. A loss of 88.08 percent.

Second to last place: UD Levante

Levante plays in the second Spanish division and is based in Valencia. They are currently third in the table. Unfortunately, the performance of the club token was less convincing last year. The course fell 84.14 percent. As a result, only $15.86 was left out of $100.

Third from bottom: Everton

Everton are currently in a relegation zone in the English league. The club coin was no better. 82.13 percent A drop in the club token in 2022 meant that $100 left $17.87 in residual value.

All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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