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Birra Peroni on the blockchain with Ernst & Young

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Birra Peroni blockchain

Birra Peroni arrives on the blockchain. It will do so using Ernst & Young‘s solution, EY OpsChain Traceability.

EY OpsChain Traceability provides a platform that ensures traceability and transparency by notarizing information and providing tokenization. The aim is to improve the brand equity of the users.

In the case of Peroni, not only will the information be notarized but the assets will be tokenized and become NFTs issued on the ETH blockchain. For each batch of beer a unique NFT will be issued, available on the appropriate site.

Ernst & Young’s solution that Birra Peroni will use addresses the need of many businesses to digitize their information to ensure greater transparency and ultimately a better relationship with the consumer. It is a need that has increased with the Covid-19 pandemic and which, according to research by EY and Dell, will lead to over 40% of blockchain-inclined companies digitizing and notarizing their documents within the next 24 months.

Federico Sannella, Corporate Affairs Director at Birra Peroni, explained:

“For Birra Peroni, the bond with the agricultural supply chain and the quality of our 100% made-in-Italy malt are fundamental strategic assets. We believe that sustainability is deeply related to the respect for the raw material, and we wanted to bring this value alive to our consumers, allowing them to follow the journey of the malt from the field to the bottle. With EY OpsChain Traceability, we have found the ideal platform to carry out this important project. This is a major step forward in our commitment to bring visibility and transparency to our supply chain for both consumers and supply chain partners”.

Paul Brody, EY Global Blockchain Leader, added:

“With EY OpsChain Traceability, we make it easy for enterprises to set up their operations and make the entire ETH blockchain an extension of their ERP environment. EY teams are committed not just to enabling business processes on the ETH blockchain, but to making the inputs and outputs properly tokenized and transactable. We envision a future where everything from inventory to purchase orders to invoices can be tokenized and integrated into a decentralized finance and business operations ecosystem”.

Finally, Giuseppe Perrone, EY EMEIA Blockchain Leader concluded:

“EY OpsChain Traceability is enabling us to provide a much simpler way for organizations, such as Birra Peroni to build shared ecosystems around fungible and non-fungible tokens. With the ability for organizations to transact with one another through tokenized assets, anything from art, collectables and vaccines, EY blockchain-enabled solutions provide an efficient and secure environment to manage the transactions”.

Birra Peroni on the blockchain, the project with startup pOsti

The traceability project that brings Birra Peroni on the blockchain, sees the Asahi Group’s Italian company also enter into a partnership with startup pOsti. pOsti is responsible for offering assistance and improving the user experience in this notarization process of information.

Virgilio Maretto, CEO of pOsti, explains:

“A fully automated traceability process was implemented, starting with the acquisition of the information, its registration on the blockchain, and the processing and presentation on the landing page of significant data from the 100% Italian malt supply chain. With the help of innovative technologies, we created a highly customized landing page, offering an immersive and tailor-made customer experience. We expect that this Birra Peroni project becomes a best practice for companies that want to promote supply chain transparency through a process of traceability”.

Finally, the Ernst & Young team aims to improve the process through a proposal to be submitted to the ETH community through the so-called EIP (ETH Improvement Proposal). The proposal aims to allow companies to track the physical location of tokens in a standardized way.


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