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Bison Trails extends support to Binance Smart Chain developers

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TL;DR Breakdown

  • Bison Trails has made an announcement that it is extending support to the community of Binance Smart Chain developers.
  • Bison Trails claims that the BSC has been a major attraction for developers, and this decision will impact the overall performance of the industry.
  • The aim of Bison Trails is to bring down the hiked gas prices and improve the block times on the Binance Smart Chain.

The leading enterprise, Bison Trails, which provides infrastructure for the blockchain industry, has increased its presence in the market by extending its support to Binance Smart Chain developers. According to the company, this action will increase the level of security and health of the DeFi sector, one of the fastest-growing sectors.

“Binance Smart Chain is becoming an important hub for developers looking to build applications, as demonstrated by the number of DeFi and NFT projects launched on the platform,” Aaron Henshaw, CTO of Bison Trails, said.

Recently, Bison Trails has created a system through which Binance Smart Chain (BSC) developers would be able to access the validator node infrastructure. This will help them in contributing to the network security by running nodes. Particularly, the company is offering Query & Transact infrastructure to Binance Smart Chain, which will help developers in building the applications more efficiently.

Bison Trails partners with Binance Smart Chain

Since its launch in 2020, BSC has brought more than 180 projects to the platform and has recorded 13.1 plus million daily transactions on July 29th. The company joining hands with BSC will increase DeFi and Chain’s strategic decision growth, contributing to making Defi more affordable through escalated block times and increased gas block limits.

At this instant, the company supports more than 30 protocols with many major partnership announcements in the last year. 

As the adoption of decentralized finance has increased significantly on BSC, there is also a spike in protocol hacks. A recent exploit happened in May 2021, which targeted Spartan Protocol resulting in a $30 million loss. The latest Poly Network exploitation of $600 million was also a major hack. DAO Maker, a crowdfunding platform, was also hit and suffered earlier this month with a loss of $7 million, and the attack on THORChain with an $8 million loss is not an unheard story. 

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