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Bit2Me Has Taken Over Affected 2gether Users

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The exchange Bit2Me reached an agreement, so that 2gether customers can continue trading their cryptocurrencies on Bit2Me without incurring any additional expenses.

Users who wish to continue buying and selling cryptocurrencies without liquidating their positions will be able to transfer their assets to the Spanish exchange in the coming days.

In addition, Bit2Me informed that it will reimburse the cost of the maintenance fee equivalent to just over BRL 100 charged by 2gether in July.

Leif Ferreira, CEO and co-founder of Bit2Me, stated that the company is firmly committed to developing this market in the most transparent way possible.

“Bit2Me closes an agreement with 2gether to help all its users to continue operating without additional costs. To do this, we will refund the 20 € commission to all customers who transfer their cryptocurrencies to Bit2Me.”

What is 2gether?

2gether is a Spanish cryptocurrency lending and trading exchange and platform, which recently decided to block access to its customers due to the “instability” of the markets.

The 2gether exchange app currently accumulates more than 100,000 downloads on Google Play, indicating that the number of people affected by the blockade on the exchange could be higher than those reported by the company in recent days.

2gether users seek protection of their assets

After 2gether blocked access to its customers, several organizations dedicated to protecting consumer rights called on those affected to take legal action against the exchange.

For this reason, the Association of Consumers and Users of Banks (ADICAE), convened 2gether to offer a global and agile solution for all users of the platform.

In addition, the Association of Financial Users (ASUFIN), has defined the exchange’s actions as irresponsible and assured that they will take class action to represent all affected consumers.

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