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Bit2me Token: Spain’s Largest and Most Highly Anticipated ICO

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Bit2Me is preparing the launch of its B2M token, the largest ever ICO in Spain, with the aim of consolidating and strengthening its international expansion.

Renowned Spanish exchange Bit2Me is once again making international headlines with the announced launch of its native B2M token, part of an effort to expand and boost its suite of services across Europe, Africa, and LATAM.

Bit2Me saw the light in 2014, when Leif Ferriera (CEO), Andrei Manuel Costache (COO), and Pablo Casadio (CFO) set out on the long path of developing this exchange. After its foundation as a small exchange application, the company has made a name for itself through its products for people with little experience in the cryptocurrency world, facilitating their entry into the world of cryptocurrencies.

The company has grown steadily since, becoming the largest exchange in Spain with more than 300,000 users and a turnover of €184,000 million. Indeed, the company’s current suite features over twenty services dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies, the most complete option available in the Spanish language.

Bit2me Token: Spain’s Largest and Most Highly Anticipated ICO

In the words of Leif Ferreira, Bit2Me maintains the same spirit with which it was created seven years ago, “Bit2Me has a clear mission: to take BTC to everyone on the planet. Helping people gain financial freedom so they can save, send and receive money without complications. And that’s only possible by democratizing access to money, no matter where you are.”

With the launch of the Bit2Me Token (B2M), the company seeks to further advance that mission by capitalizing on the revolutionary momentum that has been created in cryptocurrency worldwide.

The B2M token, Bit2Me’s new creation

Bit2Me started 2021 on the right foot, announcing new services and major upgrades to complement its service offering. Innovation has no limits, however, and their most recent announcement is the Bit2Me Token (B2M), an ERC-20 token that will use the ETH (ETH) network, and with which they have developed a utility token that will serve as a vehicle to enjoy unique advantages in the suite of services offered by Bit2Me.

The issuance and launch of this token will be complemented by new services in the suite, such as Bit2Me Earn, a product to receive returns for blocking your cryptocurrencies, and Bit2Me Loan, to get loans by using your cryptocurrencies as collateral. This is in addition to discounts and unique advantages for B2M holders within the Bit2Me Suite.

The team is already working hard to launch the ICO (Initial Coin Offer) for the token, which will be carried out in three phases, as shown on the official token launch website. The opening of the ICO will begin on September 6, 2021, and will end on September, 30. The ICO phases will include 25% of the total planned token issuance for B2M, with a maximum issue of 5 billion tokens.

Bit2me Token: Spain’s Largest and Most Highly Anticipated ICO

The idea behind this launch is to promote the development of Bit2Me and its solutions. All of this while offering incentives to users and investors to participate in this ecosystem. Bit2Me is seeking to close the gap between the traditional financial world and the new world of cryptocurrencies.

While understanding that cryptocurrencies are a better form of money and that their momentum is leading to their adoption by more people around the world.

A very big idea that Bit2Me has been driving since its creation, which will have a great impact with its expansion in the EU, Africa, and Latin America, and which will allow millions of people to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrencies. 

Features and advantages of the token

Among the functionalities of the B2M token are that its holders will be able to access discounts of up to 90% on exchange fees for services such as Bit2Me Wallet, Bit2Me Trade, as well as deposits and withdrawals in fiat currency. In addition, with the launch of the Bit2Me Card, B2M token holders will be able to apply for a card and will be eligible for cashback on their purchases.

Token holders will also have access to content in the Bit2Me Academy (the largest academy on blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Spanish) and receive advantages in terms of access to services such as Bit2Me OTC (an over-the-counter exchange).

Another advantage of the token will be the ability to pay fees using the B2M token balance, making them eligible for an even greater discount on each Suite fee. For this, a combined fee scheme will be implemented between the amount of B2M Tokens retained (in HODL) and the volume transacted over the previous 30 days.

In addition, and related to the future services of Bit2Me Loan and Bit2Me Earns, cryptocurrency holders may provide or request loans in which fees can be paid or charged using B2M tokens, enjoying advantageous conditions.

Undoubtedly, a series of advantages and features that make this a very attractive token.

Bit2me Token: Spain’s Largest and Most Highly Anticipated ICO

Governance for the community

Bit2Me also seeks to empower B2M token holders by enabling a governance platform. This will allow users to make certain decisions about future functionalities that will be offered in the Bit2Me Suite, including:

  1. The ability to choose which new cryptocurrencies will be listed on the platform
  2. Add traders to the market and debit card cashbacks
  3. Vote to support new DeFi protocols
  4. Creation of special content within the Bit2Me Academy and live interviews for the YouTube channel.
  5. Inclusion and integration with systems for the execution of banking and liquidity pools.

How can I participate in the B2M ICO?

You’ll be glad to know that participating in Bit2Me’s ICO is very simple. Just follow three simple steps before 6 September, which is the date on which the event will start:

  1. First, register in the Bit2Me Suite. Registration is very simple and it will take about a minute to complete.
  2. Then verify your identity. This process will ask you to confirm your identity. After completion, you will be able to enjoy all the services of the Bit2Me Suite. To make these first two steps easier, Bit2Me has prepared this excellent video tutorial on how to register and verify your account.
  3. To participate in the ICO, you must register with the Whitelist. You can do this from the Bit2Me Token page by clicking on “Join the Whitelist.” You can also download the Token Whitepaper.
  4. And as a last step, you can book and schedule your purchase of B2M tokens. You can do this once you have registered in the Whitelist, using a form you will receive by email. There, you will be asked to indicate the amount you wish to invest (with a minimum specified in each phase), the stage you wish to participate in, and the email of your account for Bit2Me.

As additional steps at this point, you must:

  1. Confirm your reservation once you have finished filling out the form. The confirmation request will arrive at the email you have designated. With this confirmation, the purchase is programmed to be executed automatically in the phase and for the amount you have chosen.
  2. Deposit the amount reserved in a single wallet in Euros. You must send the amount of Euros you want to buy to the Bit2Me Wallet. This is in order to have the money on standby for the automatic execution of the order to purchase the B2M tokens. The deposit can be made by means of bank transfer, debit/credit card payment, Tikebit points, or cryptocurrency transfers (BTC only).

If you want to keep up-to-date with all the new features of B2M tokens and Bit2Me, you can join the official channels in Telegram, available in both Spanish and English. There, you will be able to clear up any last doubts you may have. Our channels are available.

Can I buy Bit2Me tokens in my country?

Bit2Me currently has more than 300 thousand customers in more than 100 countries around the world. This makes it possible for many people to participate in their ICO. You can find the complete list of countries admitted by the platform. There you can see in which countries Bit2Me is operating on which continents, though in order to participate in the ICO each user must consult their local regulations

In any case, the various factors that participants must take into account can be reviewed in the Whitepaper of the B2M token. In this way, you can review and clear up any doubts about the acquisition of B2M tokens and their legality.

A complete service suite designed for everyone

If you are wondering what services Bit2Me offers, the complete list will impress you:

  • Bit2Me Wallet, a custodian wallet with quick exchange options and inter-wallet payments without fees.
  • Bit2Me OTC, an over the counter exchange service for large institutional and private transactions.
  • The Bit2Me Commerce service, which is a payment gateway service for e-commerce to integrate cryptocurrency payments quickly and easily.
  • Bit2Me Custody, a secure cryptocurrency custody service insured to the tune of €100 million.
  • Bit2Me Pay, a multiplatform payment and micro-payment system.
  • Bit2Me Trade, a professional trading platform.
  • Tikebit, a service for buying cryptocurrencies locally and in cash that has more than 200 points throughout Spain.
  • Bit2Me Academy, a service for teaching and learning about the cryptocurrency universe that you and more than 1.7 million people are currently using and enjoying.

These will be joined by new B2M token-driven services, which will complement the company’s broad offering and are already included in the company’s Road Map: Bit2Me Card, Bit2Me Earn, Bit2Me Loan, API, etc.

As such, B2M tokens are set to become the backbone of Bit2Me’s suite of services and the spearhead of the Spanish company’s international expansion plans after gaining a foothold in southern Europe.

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