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Bitcoin really to the Moon this time

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The question is settled. For Bitcoin to finally reach the Moon, it needs a rocket. On the trail of Sputnik 1 and Apollo 11, analytics company LunarCrush is launching the first Bitcoin mission to the moon. The name: Nakamoto_1, named after the founding father of cryptocurrencies. With the help of a SpaceX rocket, the “Lunar Outpost MAPP Rover” is to be shot at the south pole of the moon. On board: An engraved private key. The key opens a treasure chest – in the form of a bitcoin wallet. The race to the Moon has begun again.

The Bitcoin treasure is so valuable

LunarCrush explained sober: “All you have to do is hitchhike to the moon and find the private key on the rover.” There is a total of 62 BTC on board, currently around $1.5 million. The Rover is barely larger than a standard microwave oven. On the 38 million square kilometers of lunar surface it therefore needs good eyes. Prerequisite: You have to be on the Moon.

So it may be a while before a brave space treasure hunter finds the key. Meanwhile, according to experts, the Bitcoin course could continue to rise. In addition, LunarCrush emphasizes that the public keys are publicly available. That means anyone can send bitcoin to the wallet address. So it cannot be ruled out that other advocates will make the treasure hunt even more exciting.

Bitcoin on the moon: aliens, “orange pills”?

The project is financed through NFT sales and intends to use 25 percent of the proceeds to finance the moon mission. A quarter of sales will also go to a “community marketing wallet” to be used to fund Bitcoin Core development and space exploration. LunarCrush CEO Joe Vezzani explains in a press release:

We envision classrooms, groups, corporations, and even DAOs coming together to reach the moon and share the treasure chest rewards. It’s like Willy Wonka’s ‘golden ticket’ to the Web3 era.

Incidentally, the lunar vehicle should not “orange pill” any extraterrestrial life form. The rover is part of a $14 million Nasa mission to build the first 4G communications system in space gizmodo reported.

Bitcoiners in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong

The rocket should not be on its way to the moon until the fourth quarter of 2023. However, interested crypto investors can already participate today via the Nakamoto_1 NFTs, which are available on the marketplace Tobe offered. With the help of the non-fungible tokens, so-called androids can be created, which secure their owners exclusive rights and advantages for the race to the moon.

In the social media users celebrate LunarCrush for their commitment. The treasure hunt is “a big step for Bitcoin”. So, after more than 50 years, it could be a bitcoiner following in Neil Armstrong’s footsteps.

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