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Bitcoin will soon be worth 4 trillion USD, according to experts – Trump and Fed should help

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At first glance, the crypto market seems to be at a standstill. The Bitcoin price continues to fluctuate between 60,000 USD and 65,000 USD, meaning there is little movement in the top 20 largest coins by market capitalization. However, this could just be the calm before the storm. While it has already been suspected that the BTC price could rise sharply in the coming months due to the Bitcoin halving, experts say that the hole in the US budget is also increasingly becoming a problem for the dollar, which could lead to rising Bitcoin prices. Especially in combination with a possible re-election of Donald Trump. The market capitalization of BTC could soon rise to 4 trillion USD.

Bitcoin will soon be worth 4 trillion USD, according to experts – Trump and Fed should help

National debt out of control

Americans have money problems. This is nothing new. The national debt has already risen due to tax cuts under Trump and has now spiraled completely out of control under incumbent President Joe Biden. Numerous experts are now warning of the consequences that could result sooner or later. Elon Musk also used the opportunity to speak out against the US dollar once again.

It is now well known that Musk is a fan of cryptocurrencies. He has long since bought Bitcoin with his company Tesla and has also helped the Dogecoin price reach new highs several times. Other analysts also warn that the debt could soon be the undoing of the US dollar.

Risk of fiscal dominance increases

If the government fails to draw up a sensible budget and implement it, the risk increases that the central bank – in this case the Federal Reserve – will have to use its resources to plug the hole in the budget. This is usually at the expense of the actual task of stabilizing the respective currency. In this case, we speak of fiscal dominance, which, according to Geoff Kendrick – analyst at Standard Chartered Bank – could help the Bitcoin price to rise further if inflation gets out of control again.

Together with a possible re-election of Donald Trump, who recently made it clear during the election campaign that he would not necessarily support stricter crypto regulations, this could lead to a mix in which the Bitcoin price could rise to $200,000 by the end of next year, which would correspond to a market capitalization of around 4 trillion USD.

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