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Bitmain will have its ASIC in a 180-megawatt data center in Kazakhstan

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Cryptocurrency hardware manufacturer Bitmain has partnered with Enegix to place the Antminer S19 Pro in one of the world’s largest data centers. The facility located in Kazakhstan is designed to accommodate more than 50,000 ASIC mner.

Bitmain has entered into a partnership with Enegix

Leading mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain has announced a partnership with Enegix. Under the agreement, the giant ASIC will place the Antminer S19 Pro in a 180 MW facility operated by Enegix in Kazakhstan, one of the largest in the world.

Enegix has focused its business efforts on the design, construction and operation of data centers since 2017. Launched in late 2020, Enegix is ​​the company’s third such facility. Its total capacity exceeds the current generation of 50,000 ASICs.

Commenting on the new project, Bitmain Du Shisheng, Vice President of Mining, noted that his company is pleased with a strong strategic partner in the region and said:

“Enegix is ​​a clear leader in the design and operation of large-scale mining equipment. Thanks to their success over the years, they have reached the map for all major BTC miners. ”

“Enegix is ​​pleased to be able to offer Bitmain the remaining capacity of its 180 MW plant. This step of the leading manufacturer ASIC is very important for our company, because it shows confidence in our operation, “added Enegix CEO Yerbolsyn Sarsenov. He expressed the hope that the cooperation will benefit both companies and will continue in the future.

Enegix will build more mining centers in Kazakhstan

Enegix plans to further expand its activities in Kazakhstan in response to growing demand from cryptocurrency miners. The company wants to create additional mining infrastructure and is working on projects of new mining facilities in the Central Asian republic. Enegix is ​​also negotiating agreements to purchase electricity to power the hardware.

Following the ongoing Chinese government intervention, companies involved in cryptocurrency mining have migrated to more friendly jurisdictions in the region, but especially to Kazakhstan, not to the United States, as many BTC maximalists are trying to convince us. In May, Shenzhen’s Bit Mining announced that it was working with two local companies to build a 100 MW mining data center.

According to a study by the University of Cambridge, the country has seen a six-fold increase in its share of global mining in less than two years BTC and this share will certainly increase. It now ranks third in the world in terms of cryptocurrency extraction.

Bitmain will have its ASIC in a 180-megawatt data center in Kazakhstan

However, the government in Nur-Sultan has decided to introduce a surcharge for electricity used by mining entities. The local mining sector has expressed concern that the move could drive away potential investors. But this is not happening yet.

So until all mining companies resume their activities, we will read the news about how mining is more decentralized and greener, so Tesla may receive BTC… But Kazakhstan, whose main source for producing very cheap energy (1kWh for $ 0.052 ) is coal, it is becoming a sought-after jurisdiction by miners, and given the above facts about the construction of mining centers, the green future does not seem to us, as many maximalists wish.

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