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Cryptocurrencies are our life! Get an Overview of Market News Celebrates 10 Years – Processed cryptocurrencies worth $ 1 trillion

2 min read’s cryptocurrency exchange and wallet is having a great year in 2021. In a recent post on the institutional blog, the CFO decided to take a look at the company’s history and present plans for the future. is celebrating a decade in the market CFO Macrina Kgil shared the news on an institutional blog. Kgil reports in a blog that with the advent of the first decade in the cryptocurrency market, the company was able to process cryptocurrencies worth $ 1 trillion.

“We recently reached a significant milestone on, surpassing more than $ 1 trillion in cryptocurrencies traded on our platform. To put this number in context, we have handled almost a third of all BTC transactions since 2021. “

The company itself boasts of providing the most trusted and best services in the field of BTC wallets. For Macrin Kgil, the key to the company’s success is its business strategy and the way the company has adapted over the years in the cryptocurrency industry.

“When I joined three years ago, some of my financial services colleagues doubted we would ever become mainstream. Now, some of them have become our institutional clients and integrated our technology into their business. ”

In a recent interview with Forbes, Macrina Kgil also revealed’s intentions to become a public company. The company wants to follow Coinbase and Robinhood and improve its position among North American investors. According to her estimates, the company can enter the stock market in a year and a half.


The popular wallet and exchange has existed for 10 years, during which time the development of the cryptocurrency industry has moved considerable steps forward. We wish you all the best for the future.

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