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Brave Teams with Unstoppable Domains Making .Crypto Websites Available

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Brave Teams with Unstoppable Domains Making .Crypto Websites Available

Brave users now have access to more than 30,000 decentralized websites and 700,000 blockchain domain names thanks to a collaboration with Unstoppable Domains. 

Blockchain domain provider Unstoppable Domains has officially announced a collaboration with Brave which provides its native browser support. Brave is a privacy-oriented web browser that launched in January 2016.  

Unstoppable Domains launched a bit later, in 2018, providing .Crypto domains with zero renewal fees. What makes this process unique is that when a domain is claimed by a user, it’s minted as a non-fungible token (NFT) on the ETH blockchain. 

This grants the user full ownership and complete control over said domain. Such .crypto domains can send users to content on the Web, IPFS, or to a crypto address. The latter feature will allow easy transactions of over 70 cryptocurrencies to be made. Wallets on Coinbase, Litewallet, OKEx, and MyEtherWallet are available to users. 

Matthew Gould, Co-Founder, and CEO of Unstoppable Domains spoke on the collaboration;

“We’re on a mission to onboard three billion people to the decentralized web, and Brave is bringing us millions of people closer to that goal. We see Web3 as the future of the internet, where everyone has ownership and control of their own content.”

With Brave’s newest software update, users on desktop and Android platforms are afforded access to 30,000 decentralized webpages and more than 700,000 blockchain domain names. These are .Crypto sites and are registered with Unstoppable Domains. 

Brave CTO and co-founder, Brian Bondy, stated;

“Unstoppable Domains was a natural fit for us, giving our users access to the decentralized web with the ability to visit any .crypto domain name. From registering .crypto domains to hosting an NFT art gallery, to sending and receiving crypto, the possibilities are limitless for Brave users.”

By virtue of this integration, Brave is supporting a decentralized network separate from the traditional Domain Name Service (DNS). The DNS protocol has fallen under scrutiny due to its susceptibility to denial of service, phishing, and hijacking attacks.  

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