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‘BTC is DeFi’ and other crypto takes with Anna Tutova of Coinstelegram

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Anna Tutova got into crypto only in 2017. But just four years later, she helms one of the highest-ranked public relations and marketing companies that deal in the niche sector, Coinstelegram.

Her story is, perhaps, very relatable to many individuals. Tutova learned about BTC and blockchain from a friend during an internship with a law company in Ukraine, and it didn’t take long to fall down that rabbit hole.

October 2017 finally saw her taking the plunge and investing in BTC, against the allure of stocks, forex, and other traditional markets (she missed the bus when BTC traded at $2,000 earlier that year because her parents ended up shouting at that choice of investment).

The BTC break

It was around then that Tutova got her first break in the PR side. “I was invited by one company for the interview, they [said] they might ICO and I started working with them. I presented someone to conferences and, well, became a PR manager. I figured out how to do things, how to promote the company,” she says.

Today, Tutova sat down with Alex Fazel, the charming host of crypto edutainment channel Cryptonites, to discuss all things and trends in crypto. They explored the BTC rabbit role, Tutova’s own story, the rise of NFTs and ETH, and the many risks that the decentralized sector (DeFi) faces today.

The two quickly moved to ETH’s evolution to what it is today and the ever-growing DeFi market. “So of course, ETH is not perfect, especially this high gas phase. But still, I think that it can go anywhere. It’s still big, all the awesome new dApps are on ETH, a big part of DeFi is locked in ETH. So it’s just inevitable. I don’t think that any other cryptocurrency can replace it in second place,” she said.

The conversation soon shifted to why BTC is DeFi at its core, despite many critics stating otherwise. “I think it can be a bit scary because institutions have a bunch of money in their control, so they can easily manipulate the market,” Tutova said.

She added, “Institutional investors go for not only traditional top 10 coins like BTC, ETH, BTC Cash, but its interesting to see that there are some DeFi funds launched and DeFi indexes launched for institutional investors, for example, like CoinShares, or Bitwise funds.”

(Check out the rest of Tutova’s thoughts on crypto, NFTs, BTC and much more in the Cryptonites episode, available for streaming in full right below!)

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