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BTC Latinum — Going Green With Cryptocurrency

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BTC Latinum — Going Green With Cryptocurrency

BTC Latinum, a more scalable and sustainable network that uses an energy-efficient consensus process, has officially joined the Crypto Climate Accord as a Signatory and Supporter.

BTC Latinum (LTNM) is the next-generation cryptocurrency, executing the necessary changes on going green. Greener, faster, and more secure than BTC.

In high-growth markets including media, gaming, telecommunications, and cloud computing, BTC Latinum aims to improve transaction speed, lower fees, and increase security. 

BTC Latinum made several alterations to guarantee the transformation on going greener. BTC Latinum is launching with 80% of pre-mined Latinum, meaning that there will be no waste in electricity to mine the coins and move away from PoW to PoS in BTC.

BTC Latinum uses an advanced version of the Proof of Stake mechanism that can handle a larger number of transactions per second and does not require the nodes to solve complex equations to mine the currency. This helps to improve the electricity usage for the BTC Latinum network.

The BTC Latinum Foundation stated, “We understand the necessity for cryptocurrency mining and hosting companies to expedite the use of renewable energy solutions to reduce emissions and advance toward net-zero electricity consumption emissions. We are thrilled to be a part of this project.”

By joining the Cryptocurrency Climate Accord (CCA), BTC Latinum seeks to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint, from power consumption linked to its crypto-related operations within the next decade, by deploying an environmentally friendly, more secure, proof of stake consensus mechanism. As well as to report progress toward this goal using the best industry standards.

BTC Latinum (LTNM) is a BTC hard fork that intends to keep Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of BTC alive as a bankless, peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

About BTC Latinum 

BTC Latinum is the next-generation BTC fork that is environmentally friendly, faster, and more secure than BTC.

BTC Latinum intends to improve transaction speed, cut costs, and increase security in high-growth areas such as media, gaming, telecommunications, and cloud computing by employing an energy-efficient Proof of Stake consensus process.

The main goal is to enhance BTC’s code so that it can operate with greater security, transactional speed, dependability, and lower transaction costs. For more information about BTC Latinum, visit.

About Cryptocurrency Climate Accord

The CCA is a private sector-led project for the global crypto community, inspired by the Paris Climate Agreement, to decarbonize the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries in record time.

The rising demand for cryptocurrencies and the rapid adoption of blockchain-based solutions has brought attention to an essential issue: the technology’s increasing energy consumption and its impact on the environment.

That’s why CCA is collaborating with the crypto and blockchain businesses to speed the development of digital #ProofOfGreen solutions and establish a new benchmark for other industries to follow.

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