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Bug in Axie Infinity allows consecutive wins and leaderboards

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The developers of Axie Infinity have released an emergency fix for the most popular metaverse game on the cryptocurrency market. The urgent fix was released to fix a bug that was causing several issues in the game and impacting the profitability of the game.

Bug in Axie Infinity

“This bug is being abused in a specific way that allows cheaters to win the game,” the team said hours before announcing the new update.

As the team reported, players who exploited the vulnerability could be detected. Then cases will be submitted for review and users can be banned from the game.

“Those who abuse the bug violate our terms of service,” the note states.

In practice, the bug allowed a player to win game after game during their duels in the arena. That way, they could quickly climb the rankings by multiplying the cups won in a short time.

Some users took to Twitter to report seeing other players on a winning streak without losing and doubling the number of cups won in a short period of time.

Data from DappRadar currently shows that Axie Infinity ranks 11th among decentralized gaming apps.

Projects like Splinter Lands and Alien Worlds are leading the rankings with higher average active users and trading volume.

After bugs, errors and reduced SLP rewards, Axie Infinity struggles to give its project a boost to its popularity.

However, an additional incentive is needed to attract players. That’s because the project’s assets have lost value and players complain that their profits keep decreasing.

The SLP, while relatively stable so far in 2022, has lost 70% of its value last year after hitting its all-time high in May.

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