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Cardano countdown is on: smart contracts in September?

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Cardano countdown is on: smart contracts in September?

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson is apparently sticking to the schedule: The eagerly anticipated hard fork Alonzo should take place in September at the latest. The bets on Polymarket are against it.

The most important hard fork in the crypto ecosystem is gradually emerging for this year. After a long wait and some delays, the Cardano developers seem to have roughly agreed on September as the date for “Alonzo”. The upgrade introduces smart contracts and equips the network for decentralized applications (dApps).

Cardano hard fork just a matter of form?

To close the Goguen era with Alonzo and the associated integration of smart contracts, according to Charles Hoskinsons, most recent Video statement however, there are still two hurdles to overcome. On the one hand, the Hard Fork Combinator Event, which joins the logs together without interrupting the system:

Now the Hard Fork Combinator Event is all about getting Alonzo skills on the node. This means that once the Plutus code is submitted, one would be able to execute these transactions in order to be valid.

At the same time, the developers are working on an infrastructure for the Node. A sure-fire success, as Hoskinson says: “The first part is what you need the hard fork for, everything else is software”. Given current progress, Hoskinson is optimistic that the schedule can be met.

We have already started the integration process. It usually takes one to two weeks – if you have a new node and a new wallet – until these parts fit together.

If so, “we can start the countdown to a hard fork process.”

EMURGO develops dApp-Connector

To this end, the software company and Cardano founding member EMURGO has developed a dApp connector announced, which links the ADA Wallet Yoroi with decentralized applications. As a result, the Yoroi dApp-Connector, with which ADA users can access decentralized applications in the Cardano network via a web browser plug-in, is about to be introduced:

After activating the dApp Connector, the user can participate in all activities that the dApp allows, such as buying or selling tokens, accessing resources or using other functions offered by the dApp.

The dApp Connector is a crucial “communication bridge between the two platforms” and not only facilitates “the validation of ownership of certain assets”, but also “the execution of transactions for dApps”.

Great, the bet stands

But while there are many indications that Alonzo will sweep Cardano over the next month, some investors still seem unconvinced. On the ETH-based forecast platform Polymarket Finally, the bets are close to a smart contract support on the mainnet in October.

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