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Cardano is already in the Purple phase. Everything is going according to plan, says Hoskinson

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Cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA) could look forward to smart contracts in the near future. According to the latest information from Input Output and its leader Charles Hoskinson, work continues on fine-tuning smart contracts according to plan.

Input Input (IOHK) CEO Charest Hoskinson said late last week that the developers had successfully moved work on the Alonzo test to the Purple stage. This is the third and last “color phase” of the smart contract testnet before the hard work Alonzo, which will move Cardano into the era of smart contracts (Goguen phase). Fans of this project believe that at that point, Cardano will become a direct competitor to the second in the ETH market, but unlike ETH, it will have the advantage of running completely on the Proof of Stake consensus while this important step of ETH is yet to come.

As for the Purple phase, it follows the Blue and White phases. The second phase of the testnet, White, was attended by more than 200 testers, who were invited to test. In the “purple phase”, which will be divided into two more parts, hundreds, potentially thousands of developers will be involved in testing smart contracts, and what is important is the publicly available Cardano testnet with full support for smart contracts. Input Output also adds that the Purple testnet is attended by more than 150 top development teams, who have personally invited them to test the environment and detect potential bugs.

In the meantime, the creators of Cardano also communicate with exchanges in order to be prepared in advance for the arrival of smart contracts, which is related to hardfork. Charles Hoksinson also informed that there will probably be another hardware of the Shelley era to optimize some things for smart contracts (the Shelley era is related to staking).

At the same time, Input Output announced on Twitter that the date of the expected arrival of smart contracts on the mainnet continues to apply – this should happen at the turn of August and September. In other words, no other major delays are expected yet, which have been the subject of much criticism in the past regarding this cryptocurrency.

The arrival of smart contracts will also be related to the Cardano Summit 2021 event. Its date is not yet officially known, but the date of the event should be announced on August 12 or 13. It is supposed to be a combination of virtual and live inputs from various parts of the world, from Vancouver, New York, Wyoming, Tokyo to Singapore, London, Sydney, Zurich, Berlin, Miami and the Sillicon Valley.

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