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Carl Icahn ready to invest $1 billion in crypto

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Carl Icahn crypto

Carl Icahn could be the latest big name in international finance to invest in BTC and cryptocurrencies.

He revealed this himself in an interview with Bloomberg.

Actually, he said more: he might invest up to $1 billion. However, he also explained that he hasn’t made any purchases at the moment but might soon. He would be studying BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies to understand their risks and opportunities. After all, he explained, many cryptocurrencies have achieved popularity because they have been seen as an answer against inflation.

Essentially, even Carl Icahn, considered one of the richest men in the world, is exploring cryptocurrencies to protect himself against the risks of US dollar inflation.

“Well, what’s the value of a dollar? The only value of the dollar is because you can use it to pay taxes. I’m looking at the whole business, and how I might get involved in it”.

Who is Carl Icahn and what is his relationship with cryptocurrencies

Carl Icahn is the founder of Icahn Enterprises L.P., a holding company that deals with various segments, from automotive to energy, from real estate to food packaging. He is considered a financial shark”.

He has been the terror of the boards of several major companies. By buying shares, he gained a place on the board of directors, and here he made history: for example, he entered Yahoo with the aim of merging it with Microsoft. He was also responsible for eBay’s sale of PayPal. But he has also been at Apple and currently holds 10% of Netflix.

In short, he is someone who knows the world of finance well. He admits, however, that he does not know the crypto world as well, which he says he is studying. Chances are he might enter this world soon, as he told Bloomberg:

“[Cryptocurrencies] are here to stay in one form or another”.

Further, he added:

“I will say about cryptocurrencies … I don’t think there will be a lot of survivors out there trading today. I think there’s got to be some form of really feeling there’s safety and value there.”

As if to say, people invest in crypto because they believe it is a valuable asset, even though some cryptocurrencies can be dangerous. But the fact that even someone of his calibre says crypto is here to stay suggests that high finance can no longer dismiss them.

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