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Challenges for 2022 in Metaverse Integration and DeFi

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KuCoin, in an announcement that results from the most sincere observation of the market and technologies aimed at blockchain, declared, in a very realistic recognition of the market, that the challenges posed by the technology in relation to the creation of metaverses and in the maximization of the use of DeFi will be one of the challenges faced by all exchanges and developers throughout 2022.

For this, the actions proposed by the exchange aim at new technologies and innovative projects, guiding the development of these proposals so that the best of the cryptographic universe can be achieved.

Currently appearing as one of the most important investment institutions in the world, the team at KuCoin has sought to bring together research and professionals for a prospective journey, so that it is possible to seek and analyze all aspects and details of this new universe to be explored.

As an objective, KuCoin intends to establish itself as an integral force, towards the construction of the Internet 3.0.

All the predictions that have already been made address very interesting points that cannot and should not be neglected by any institution, even remotely. In this way, first of all, it is recognized that financial institutions must remain crucial and necessary points so that both blockchain and cryptocurrencies can reach the next level: that of universal use, in addition to investments.

New market trends point the north of the development of new technologies for KuCoin

There are several constant observation points that end up driving the development of new technologies, which have been the focus of KuCoin. Currently, the following stand out:


Doge and Shiba Inu should have an increase in their capitalization throughout 2022, mainly due to the so-called “war of tweets” that their proponents have been waging over time on their social media.


2021 was the year in which a considerable number of new blockchain-oriented products were created, mainly thanks to the important updates that ETH underwent throughout the year, as well as TVL, with its layers -1 versus layer 2. Other points also worth mentioning, such as the reduction of gas fees and the distribution of new nodes.

Growth and performance of transverse bridges

This is a point that has been very focused around networks like BTC and ETH, but it points to tools that are passive in light of poor development traction as well as other forms of inefficiencies. It is quite likely that the year 2022 will have rates of development progress very similar to what we saw in 2021, especially when it comes to cross-chains.

In view of all these factors, KuCoin is gaining more and more space for its development, becoming more than a exchange for the market and, yes, increasingly, a bridge to its future.

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