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Coinbase users now can make cash withdrawals

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• Coinbase clarifies that the RTP network has no limits on daily transactions.
• The crypto platform partners with Google Pay and Apple Pay to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat.

Coinbase, the leading cryptocurrency crypto exchange, has updated its system, making token adoption easier. The crypto market has grown over the months; since BTC reached its all-time high in April, trading over $64000, the purchase of BTC has increased.

The Coinbase platform has been attentive to these trends. The crypto exchange shows new features that will help the average investor to complete crypto transactions successfully. One of the most important aspects of updating the platform is the new allowance to withdraw up to $100,000.

Coinbase partnership with Google Pay and Apple Pay


The cryptocurrency platform not only increased the range of withdrawals but also expanded its payment support. The crypto exchange linked with Google Pay and Apple Pay supports fiat currency deposits, such as the dollar, under its system. In this way, Android and iPhone clients can exchange their BTC more efficiently using mobile phones.

Customers subscribed to Google or Apple Pay with a MasterCard or Visa credit card can now link it in the App. Buying cryptocurrencies will be easy with this payment method that Coinbase promotes.

The Apple Pay application will automate the purchase of cryptocurrencies with the crypto exchange and have it available on the iPhone and the Safari web browser. Google Pay, meanwhile, will be available only for mobile devices. For now, the option to buy cryptocurrencies in Google Pay is not available.

The Coinbase platform will list transactions from Google Pay by late fall, with all the cryptos available. However, the crypto exchange makes it possible to buy cryptos from the PayPal e-wallet, like TDC or bank transactions.

Automatic money withdrawals to be used

The most relevant feature that Coinbase includes in its update is that of automatic withdrawals that exceed $100,000. This transaction will go through the RTP network, which allows the customer to receive their money in minutes. Although these transactions are not fast, they exceed how other networks work within the platform.

The exchange clarifies that the client will not have usage limits for the RTP network per day. To be part of these transactions, the user must have a Coinbase account. The receiver must also have the RTP network activated to receive the deposit.

In this way, the cryptocurrency platform once again gains priority in the market with its automatic payments. In the future, the crypto company may promote a payment network

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