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Condos in Portugal Can be Bought with DOGE

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Condos in Portugal Can be Bought with DOGE

Seems like Dogecoin is slowly shedding its status as a joke coin.

Entire luxury apartments in Lisbon, Portugal can now be bought with Dogecoin (DOGE), which is made possible by FNTX Capital Suisse’s partnership with 355 Developments.

FNTX Capital Suisse is a Zug-based crypto payments and OTC liquidity provider, while 355 Developments is a Portuguese property developer.

By using FNTX’s “Real Estate Exchange”, buyers can use DOGE, BTC (BTC), ETH (Ether) and ADA (Cardano) to purchase apartments. The exchange updates each listing’s crypto pricing in real time.

Currently, there are three listings on the exchange, with the cheapest property priced at roughly 1.57 million DOGE and the most expensive at approximately 5 million DOGE.

DOGE has grown to be more than just a currency initially made for laughs or an asset that TikTok crypto traders use to gamble on. With companies like online retailer Newegg, 355 Developments and possibly Tesla accepting it as a viable mode of payment, the currency is becoming just as valid as BTC and ETH.

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