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Core Token latest state-of-the-art token closing its pre-sale 11th August 2021

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With the new hype around Core Decentralized Technologies that sees communication as a human right, a company that has been in development for 7 years quietly in the centre of Europe, Slovakia, has popped out of nowhere with their amazing disruptive and groundbreaking technology. Their board of directors host some of the biggest names out there in the tech industry with several interviews showing they mean business.

Defining Core Token which ends its pre-sale at midnight CET 11th of August 2021, we need to look at the blockchain it is built on. It is a brand new custom-developed blockchain, Core Blockchain Network, the first in blockchain ever to use the Edwards Curve ED448 which is one of the highest levels of encryption with its latest improvements for modern cryptography and advanced cryptography standards, which allows the Core Blockchain to execute confirmed transactions in 42 seconds and at transaction speeds of up to 10,000 transactions per second. . Core Blockchain Network is currently undoubtedly the fastest, safest and most affordable, truly scalable decentralized blockchain in the world.

The Core Token itself is a utility token for all the services which Core has developed, a maximum supply of 1 billion with 18 decimal places. Core Token also has a very unique feature where on-chain payments can be made without the need of the Native Core Coins.

Core Token latest state-of-the-art token closing its pre-sale 11th August 2021

To talk about the value and growth of Core Token, on the release of the mainnet there are several use cases that will create immediate demand for Core Token such as Core Group, a decentralized asset digitization, financial services and settlement platform, CorePass, a decentralized blockchain-based digital identity with integrated digital attributes and digital wallets. Core Token is currently developing several 3rd party use cases in asset digitization, enterprise token platform in the payment facilitation and money remittance industry, commodity and logistics digitized finance project, supply chain management, high volume retail trading and an ethical farming farm-to-fork project.

Within Core Group, there are several applications such as Ping Exchange, a hybrid exchange that will also be the first exchange to have Core Token listed. Ping Exchange has multiple pairs such as Crypto To Crypto, Fiat To Crypto and Vice Versa, Forex, Assets, Commodities, Securities, Digital Assets, Stocks, Shares and Bonds. The wide range of markets that Ping offers is exactly what makes this exchange exceptional and hybrid compared to others on the market.

There are several other use cases that will use Core Token, namely Ting, a peer-to-peer decentralized communications platform and TokToKey, a fully decentralized e-commerce platform. With many more new use cases that are currently onboarding.

Every smart contract that will be deployed is payable in Core Token which increases the demands on Core Token even further. 

The entire Core Decentralized Technologies ecosystem has various forms of AI built on the Lunaº Mesh platform, allowing inclusive worldwide reach of the Core services, in some areas without internet, covering 98% of the globe, including oceans.

If you are interested in Core Token, don’t forget to visit because the pre-sale ends tomorrow. More information about the Core ecosystem can be found at

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post brought to you by CORE Token.

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