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Cryptocurrencies again prove a wide range of uses!

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We have another example here that demonstrates that cryptocurrencies can have reach and use in less anticipated industries. This time, digital currencies have become the face of new music production.

Cryptocurrencies in the music industry? Who’s behind that?

An interesting collaboration between influencers with the pseudonyms Estefannie and Look Mum No Computer has brought new music production that reflects fluctuations in the cryptocurrency markets.

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What was the result?

The cooperation between the two popular influencers brought an interesting result. They invented a device that makes sounds based on price fluctuations in crypto markets. They divided the production into two phases, with Look Mum No Computer constructing a mechanism to generate voltage fluctuations derived from cryptocurrency price changes, and Estefannie participating in the Raspberry Pi programming, creating a sequence of sounds from the data.


“An analog music machine synthesizer would be a great tool for determining when to sell and when to buy.”

You can watch the pair in an hour-long video posted on YouTube. However, it is not clear from the video what coins were used.


Among other things, cryptocurrencies have appeared several times in the music industry. The last case was registered on the Tidal service, owned by Jay-Z. The music platform plans to engage in blockchain innovations. Popular artist Jay-Z said smart contracts can be a useful tool for artists in creating contracts. They could incorporate commissions from sales and concerts into them.


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