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Crypto Millions Lotto Review: A Breakdown of The World’s Largest BTC Lottery Site

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Crypto Millions Lotto Review: A Breakdown of The World’s Largest BTC Lottery Site

Crypto Millions Lotto is a global digital lottery platform where you can play lotteries using BTC. The company is fully operational in over 180 countries and is licensed by the Government of Curaçao. Crypto Millions Lotto is the official online lottery partner of the Serie A club, Atalanta B.C. Its parent company, Wilmington Holdings Plc, also manages Lucky Gift Cards, another similar model to Crypto Millions Lotto.

The company chose BTC over other digital currencies, such as ETH, because of its ease of use and popularity, making it easier for virtually anybody in the world to play lotteries without worrying about huge gas fees. Plus, the platform aims to reduce the amount of taxes encountered in fiat-based online lotteries, whereby after winning draws, you may end up losing a lot to taxes.

In the US alone, billions of dollars worth of lotteries remain unclaimed every year due to reasons like the loss of lottery tickets and all that. With Crypto Millions Lotto, you can track and monitor your earnings using the platform’s unique “Check Results” option and get paid the same day you win.

Crypto Millions Lotto boasts as the world’s most popular digital lottery site. However, this article will take a total breakdown into the features offered by the company, giving you room to decide if it is worth playing lotteries with your BTC on this site.

Crypto Millions Lotto Review: A Breakdown of The World’s Largest BTC Lottery Site

Crypto Millions Lotto Offering

Crypto Millions Lotto offers large jackpots ranging from $10 million to over $200 million in cashouts. You sign up using your email and a password and fill in the necessary information about yourself. You must be 18 years and above to join. After signing up, you get to make a deposit, but instead of cash, you deposit BTC and enter draws or play available games.

You can see the cost of various entries in the “Play Now” section. Results are the same as the outcomes of the ones displayed on the dashboard as in Euromillions, LottoMax, 6aus49, UK National Lottery, and more. You can participate in instant wins, slots, and scratchcards, assuming you want to give it a try. Crypto Millions Lotto claims to insure all jackpots, and it pays out winnings the same day using BTC. Jackpots can take up to a month to payout with winners needing to provide ID and proof of residence.

You can also play games and casinos on Crypto Millions Lotto using microbitcoins. A microbitcoin (μBTC) amounts to 0.000001 BTC. The platform also allows users to play some cool games using μBTC. Some of its games are poker cards, such as Triple Edge Poker Cards, Black Jack, Caribbean Poker, Super Reno, etc. You may also explore its games such as Ali Baba, 777Heist, Bonnie & Clyde, and over 30 others.

But needless to say, Crypto Millions Lotto focuses more on digital lotteries than on games and casinos and has fewer game options compared to other competitors in the same industry.

Welcome Bonuses

It’s almost customary to say that online lottery platforms always offer welcome bonuses to new members. Crypto Millions Lotto isn’t left out on this one. When you sign up, the platform allows you to play 6 lotteries for free. That’s one free entry on each of its six international lotteries:

  • Oz Lotto
  • SuperEnalotto
  • Mega Sena
  • UK National Lottery
  • 6aus49
  • LottoMax

Crypto Millions Lotto Review: A Breakdown of The World’s Largest BTC Lottery Site

The cool stuff about this is that you don’t have to make an initial deposit to access the free lottery slots.

Regular Promotions and Loyalty Programs

Crypto Millions Lotto offers promotional programs and bonuses. Through its refer a friend and affiliate programs, you earn BTC when you promote the company. According to Crypto Millions Lotto, the affiliate program has a minimum withdrawal of 0.0003BTC, making it easier for affiliates to cash out without hassles. There is also no restriction on withdrawal periods for affiliate earnings.

For emphasis, you only earn BTC from the refer a friend or affiliate program when your friends or anyone joins the platform using your link (and not necessarily word of mouth). It doesn’t stop at joining; the referee must make deposits and enter draws too.

Crypto Millions Lotto Review: A Breakdown of The World’s Largest BTC Lottery Site

Once you enroll in the affiliate program, you get to monitor your earnings on a real-time basis. As an affiliate, you earn up to 15% of top line sales gross revenue when your referee buys a ticket and 5% cashback of any jackpot your referee wins. Affiliates whose referees play Crypto Millions Lotto casino games can enjoy 25% – 35% share of the monthly net revenue.

Crypto Millions Lotto Review: A Breakdown of The World’s Largest BTC Lottery Site

The affiliate program is very active, and you can join by completing a form. Once fully registered, the system assigns an affiliate account manager to you. You can proceed to promote the company using dedicated banners, on social media, through videos, and through your review websites or blogs.

To do that, toggle to “My Account” and get your unique referral link. You can track earnings and use them to play games and lotteries that are available on the platform.

Payment Method

As stated earlier, BTC is the only currency Crypto Millions Lotto allows. If you’ve got your money in any other currency (crypto or fiat), you’d have to first convert it to BTC before you can use this platform.

The minimum deposit amount it allows is $12.50 worth of BTC. As of July 23rd, 1BTC is $32,216. That means $12.50 is equivalent to 0.000388BTC. If you input any amount of BTC less than the minimum amount, the system will return an error message. Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency generally, it’s advised you aim for a deposit amount that is above the $12.50 mark.

To deposit BTC to your account and enter draws or play games, you must have a digital wallet with a unique wallet address. After signing up and setting up your account, you can toggle to “My Account” and select “Add Funds.”

Crypto Millions Lotto Review: A Breakdown of The World’s Largest BTC Lottery Site

Crypto Millions Lotto gives each user a unique BTC address that you will have to copy to your BTC wallet to transfer the adequate funds into your Crypto Millions Lotto account. Click on “Get Wallet Address” to get your unique address. You can start entering different numbers of draws after you have funded your account.

The method applied to using BTC to play games on Crypto Millions Lotto is the same as that of a casino where you buy plastic chips with money or credit cards, and after winning games, you earn the same plastic chips which you can sell back to the cashier or keep for next time. Since Crypto Millions Lottery is entirely digital, you get to play directly using BTC as both your digital chip and money.

Although the minimum deposit is $12.50, you can play any game or lottery on the platform with as small as a microbitcoin (0.000001 BTC). Since there is no definite regulation for the amount to use for an entry, you can use as much BTC as possible and have as many entries as possible. Remember, the higher the value of the BTC you use for an entry, the more money you are likely to earn.

You get credited once the live draw goes in your favor and even more when it is a jackpot. This is unlike ordinary or traditional lotteries where you may have to wait or visit lottery centers to claim lotteries, plus cases of missing tickets may occur, and taxes may apply. In Crypto Millions Lotto, you not only get rewarded and withdraw your earnings the same day; you are free from paying taxes on them too.

Mobile Offering

While Crypto Millions Lotto does not have a mobile application or desktop software, it operates as a website, meaning you can only visit their official website,, to play. The website is mobile-compatible, with features still in place as though on a desktop. Its website is enough to give you all the experience you may be looking out for in an app and is supported by all browsers.

Due to its lack of a mobile application, the platform doesn’t have any special offers for mobile users.


Crypto Millions Lotto has the look and feel of the contemporary lottery site, with lots of offers here and there. Yet, it’s simple, easy to access and navigate. We can say that the simplicity of the site and the color choice makes it pretty welcoming and user-friendly.

Crypto Millions Lotto Review: A Breakdown of The World’s Largest BTC Lottery Site

Prior to signing up, you can see all the lottery and gaming options available to give you an idea of what you are yet to experience when you sign in. There are so many features and a wide range of options available on the website.

You can check out lottery prices in your country’s currency and translate the site to your country’s language to better understand the platform. You do not need to be an online gaming nerd to get started with Crypto Millions Lotto. By just looking at the platform, you may probably get a complete scope of what it offers and how to find your way around.

Thumbs-up for the placement of the static Crypto Millions Lotto logo at the top left-hand corner of the site. It’s at a conspicuous area, allowing you to easily find your way back to the “genesis” if you get lost in the site. For a first-time user, you may also appreciate the static menu on the site’s header.

The menu features: Getting Started, All Lotteries, Casino, Check Results, and Refer A Friend. This menu leads to arguably 80% of all the important stuff on the site. And on the right-hand side, you get to log out, access your account info, and also see your balance staring you in the face.

Once more, the perk here is accessibility. However, the width of the header looks relatively large, especially when viewed from a mobile device.

Privacy and Security

Your information and payment details are kept private and anonymous. With blockchain technology being adopted by the platform, you are even safer because payment details are secure and encrypted. What this means is that although they are permissionless and visible to the public, your status and personal information remain unknown to the public.

Crypto Millions Lotto also claims to offer a secure system and approach to validating and processing your transactions. Due to its use of blockchain technology, the site’s activities and mode of operation are straightforward and transparent. Your payment information is not stored in their database; rather, it is recorded on the BTC blockchain network.

Its privacy and security cover only information regarding your status and payment details. Other cases, such as someone accessing your account without your notice, may not be covered in its security system and require you to be very careful on how and where you access or reveal your login information in public.

Also, losses are another security not covered in their “terms of service” because the outcomes of lotteries are not associated with Crypto Millions Lotto but with the respective live draws, which are always open. You are solely responsible for the entries you make and the games you play, and Crypto Millions Lotto has no direct control over your results.

Generally, compared to fiat-based lottery sites, crypto lottery platforms such as Crypto Millions Lotto raises fewer trust issues, especially because you have no fear of having your credit card information abused or exploited. Moreover, there hasn’t been any news of data breaches on Crypto Millions Lotto since it began operation in 2020.

Customer support

No matter how awesome a platform may claim to be, you’ll eventually run into glitches or hiccups someday. That’s why you should focus on joining only lottery platforms with active customer support services.

Crypto Millions Lotto has a commendable customer support system, which it claims has a maximum of 48-hour response time. But before you reach out to them, you may want to check if your query is already answered on the “FAQ” page.

FAQs are on every page of the Crypto Millions Lotto website. There is an FAQ for virtually every question you need to get you going. FAQs are updated regularly; always check them out. Its blogging section has tons of resourceful information to get you up and going in your digital lottery journey on the platform.

Crypto Millions Lotto Review: A Breakdown of The World’s Largest BTC Lottery Site

If the FAQ doesn’t do justice to your query, you should explore any of the site’s available support options. You can find its Live Chat support on your screen as a floating blue icon with a “help?” tag. Alternatively, you may reach its customer service through email at or

They’ve also got an active phone line (+44 207 117 2455) that promises a quick response. The last option at users’ disposal is to contact the company via mail, sendable to:

Ofertas365 (Curaçao) N.V.
PO Box 6248
Kaya Richard J. Beaujon Z/N


Wilmington Holdings PLC
7 Bell Yard
London WC2A 2JR

All these customer support options are relatively enough to fix most of the issues you may have. However, we appreciate the transparent posture of Crypto Millions Lotto to realize that these options are not always enough. In several instances, users of lottery platforms have seen tangible reasons to escalate complaints beyond the management of the concerned platforms.

You may opt for a lawsuit or a formal complaint to the regulatory body where the platform is registered. In the case of Crypto Millions Lotto, the company, on its “Complaints” page, advised users to file official complaints to either the Department of Legal and Judicial Affairs of Curaçao or Curaçao Internet Gaming Association. These organizations may advise if there is a need to pursue legal actions.

Pros and Cons

Crypto MillionS Lotto has a fair share of good sides, as well as bad sides. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of using Crypto Millions Lotto.

The pros include:

  • The adoption of BTC as the only traditional means of making and processing transactions on Crypto Millions Lotto makes it easy and secure to use the platform.
  • It has excellent and responsive customer service.
  • The website is easy to navigate and user-friendly.
  • Your information is protected and kept anonymous.
  • You can have multiple entries on Crypto MillionS Lotto.
  • You get paid the same day you win draws and can have multiple withdrawals.
  • You do not pay taxes on wins.
  • Crypto Millions Lotto has a worldwide presence in over 180 countries.

The cons, however, include:

  • Speed can be an issue in countries with slow uptimes and not-so-fast ISPs.
  • Winning is not guaranteed on any lottery site.
  • Only one digital currency is accepted.
  • Crypto Millions Lotto focuses more on Lottery than its online games and therefore has limited game options, although this increases by the week.
  • No mobile application


Crypto Millions Lotto claims to be the largest BTC lottery site and offers great features befitting an excellent digital lottery site. With BTC, you have the freedom and flexibility to enter draws and play e-games and stand the chance of winning on the big stage.

You just need to have BTC to get started. The concept employed in normal online lotteries is virtually the same in Crypto Millions Lotto but with better features. Crypto Millions Lotto is licensed by the Government of Curaçao and acts in accordance with the international lottery laws with licenses from the government of the states and countries they operate in.

Crypto Millions Lotto is secure and values your privacy. The fact that BTC is the only medium of transaction makes it easier for the company to handle payment fast and securely.

Unrestricted entries are another great feature offered by Crypto Millions Lotto. You can enter as many entries as possible. You can as well start with as little as a microBTC (0.000001) and choose numbers that would possibly be the outcomes during the National Lottery live draws. Crypto Millions Lotto pays you instantly, no matter how big your jackpot may be. Your payments are private, anonymous, and properly insured by the world’s leading prize indemnity insurer.

Suppose you have any reason to file a complaint against the platform. In that case, you may use any of its customer support media or contact the Department of Legal and Judicial Affairs of Curaçao and/or Curaçao Internet Gaming Association.

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