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Crypto News of the Day (4.2) | BitFinex adds support for LN BTC on the mobile application • Bitcoin SV has completed hardfork, but many holders have not upgraded • and other news

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Crypto News of the Day (4.2) | BitFinex adds support for LN BTC on the mobile application • Bitcoin SV has completed hardfork, but many holders have not upgraded • and other news

Here you can find an overview of the most important crypto events in the last 24 hours.



Bitcoin did not break the core resistance (more in our TA) and is now slowly falling back to $ 9,000. The current price is 9 261 USD. Again, the avalanche effect occurred and most altcoins are also on a downward trend. The dominance of the BTC also dropped slightly, as did the mood in the markets, which was coming back to neutral.


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Bitcoin SV has completed the hardfork, but many holders have not upgraded

Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain has passed the hardfork at block height 620538. The new block has been approved by clients for version 1.0.0, but there are many clients who do not consider this new block valid. Bitfinex has announced its support for the new BSV hardfork, making it one of the first major exchanges to do so.


Binance registered an 85% month-on-month increase in futures contracts

According to the latest issue of Binance Research in January, volumes on the Binance Futures recorded a 85% month-on-month increase, with USD 56 billion traded on open-ended contracts markets. In addition, on 14 January, the platform recorded one of the largest volumes in one day. On that day, more than $ 3.5 billion of open-ended contracts were traded.


BitMex adds contracts indefinitely to XRP and BitMex CEO called XRP “dog shit”

February 5 was supposed to be a great day for Ripple because BitMEX adds support for swap contracts for an indefinite period of time for the XRP token (XRP / USD). But while BitMEX is “proud” of the announcement of a new business couple, cryptoexchange CEOArthur Hayes called XRP on social networks a dog shit.



BTC’s business dominance on Binance fell below 40% in January

While Bitcoin has seen significant growth over the past month, on the Binance platform, BTC’s “business dominance” fell below 40% in January. Binance recently released its January survey and, according to information in the first month of 2020, the BTC recorded a trade dominance of only 38.17%. Since December 2019, a decrease of 2.31% has been recorded.


BitFinex adds support for LN BTC on the mobile apk

Bitfinex has recently launched the latest version of its mobile application, which includes an option for BTC deposits using the Lightning Network. The mobile app update comes less than two months after the exchange added Lightning Network (LN) support to its web platform. Transactions processed using LN could take 2-3 minutes, instead of almost an hour without using LN, according to official information.


CFTC could approve Ethereum futures

Heath Tarbert, chairman of the Futures Commodities Trading Commission (CFTC), said futures on Ethereum are likely in the future. Bakkt president, Adam White, also said that the CFTC could theoretically approve futures for Ethereum. However, so far, this is only speculation and there is no specific information as to when futures on Ethereum could be approved or launched.


China’s central bank will pump billions of yuan into the economy

The Chinese central bank again announced that it will deliver 1.2 trillion yuan ($ 174 billion) to the market on February 3 to stabilize economic pressure. This year’s injection will be 900 billion yuan higher than in 2019, a clear indication of the weakening fiat currencies around the world. According to the demand and supply rule, as soon as supply exceeds demand, the price drops. This will result in more people seeking safe haven to secure their future investments, and cryptocurrencies could be one option.


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